The Art of Light

The Art of Light

Feb 13, 2017, 3:25:12 AM Creative

Patiently she sat in class, pretending to listen to the professor ramble about chemistry. All she could think about was how there was a book lying in the corner of the room and that looked like it contained a lot of secrets. On cue, her stomach rumbled and the girl sitting next to her glared at her. She shrugged and thought that it was probably her delusional desire for food that made the book appear like it was something spectacular. For the last twenty minutes of class, she listened to her classmates ask about the homework that was due and stared at the many equations in front of her, appearing like a foreign language. The professor finally dismissed the class and everyone scrambled to put away their notebooks and laptops. As soon as she successfully stuffed everything into her bag, she darted towards the book and flipped it over. The title of the book read, The Art of Light with gold lettering and she muttered, “Oh, just another physics textbook.” She flipped through the book and nearly shouted, “I was right! It is a magic book!” In the pages, swirling handwriting appeared next to diagrams of people with colorful streams coming from their arms, legs and even their heads. Looking around, she saw no one else who was going to claim the book, so she slipped the book into her backpack, a sly smile slowly playing onto her face.

            As soon as she returned to her apartment, she closed and locked herself in her room. All of the sudden, she wasn’t hungry any more. “What if this book can teach me how to make food materialize out of thin air?” she said as she opened the book up to the first page where she found a letter. She skimmed through the letter, her hands trembling slightly from the excitement. “Apparently this book belongs to some guy named Geraint and his uncle named Aron gifted it to him. It’s one of their greatest secrets that he’s happy to share with this Geraint guy.” she said as she turned towards the table of contents. It started with the physics of light, cleverly disguising itself as a potential physics textbook, but further down, it described how to power a city. She giggled to herself and flipped past the chapter about what light is and moved directly to Chapter 8: Light as a Weapon. She pictured herself pining down an enemy and saying menacingly, “You’ll never harm the light again.” She would stab them with her light sword and they would fizzle out in streams of black matter. She laughed to herself and read the first step. Make sure you know how to control light on your own before you proceed to this chapter. She groaned and flipped back a couple chapters until she landed on Chapter 3: Controlling your Source of Light, but upon reading the first step, it required her to know how to find the source of light.

            At this point, her excitement started to dwindle, but she flipped to Chapter 2: Your Light. She quickly skimmed the steps and gave a sigh of relief as she saw no preface. The first step read: find a dark place where you can practice the art of light and from there, begin channeling your darkest desires and fears. She went around her room, closing her blinds and flicking off light switches and sat down in the middle of the room. She thought about when she was five and her supposed best friend called her dress ugly. She thought about when she was in middle school and all she could think about was the boy who sat in front of her in class. Her thoughts flickered briefly to the moment in high school when she practically wanted the prom queen dead because of how beautiful she was. Unbeknownst to her, tears started streaming down her face, but she continued to focus her thoughts. She remembered the moment when she had failed her first test, got rejected from her dream school and when the look on her parent’s face when she showed them her report card. She gave a sigh of relief as she opened her eyes and read the second step: After channeling your darkness, open up the palm of your hands and focus on a single euphoric feeling. It must be a euphoric feeling or else it won’t work. You should begin to feel a tingling sensation coursing through your body. After a while of thinking for a euphoric moment, she closed her eyes again with her hands opened up and relived the moment again, a smile slowly appearing. She moved through the next couple of steps that instructed her to move through different emotions. She found herself crying, feeling anger and laughing out loud. She finally reached the last step that said: Congratulations, you have done it! With your control of your light, you can do anything. In the next chapters, you will find further guidance. She opened her eyes and rather than feeling disappointment coursing through her, she felt content. She shrugged, smiled and said, “Well I better return this to Geraint.” 

Published by Alice C

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