The Rushing Air

The Rushing Air

Mar 15, 2017, 5:47:22 PM Creative

The air rushed outside of the window as if the Earth was breathing along side me. Cars rushed down the street blowing gusts of wind across my face and whispering the city’s secrets. I stood outside listening to the city, distracting myself from the unnecessary voices flooding my head. Day in and day out, I battled endlessly with either the monsters of the world or monsters I’ve created. Oftentimes, my sword was filthy and covered with the wounds of my past or I never had it with me and when they attacked, I cowered in fear and took the blows. Yet, at the moment, I was with myself even though the city cried along with me. The wind turned harsh and cold like a slap on the face. Tears threatened to fall, but I turned my head and faced the other way. The sky started to burst with brilliant colors, a radiance to behold. For a while, everything glowed brightly and my face felt warm. A thrill rushed through my heart and soul and I saw myself standing somewhere warm. Sooner than later, the reds, oranges and yellows faded from the sky into a calm blue. The rushing air calmed down and I felt my heart reverberate in my chest, a solid drumming, a sure sign that I was here to stay. 

Published by Alice C

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