What If This Whole World Is Just In My Mind?

What If This Whole World Is Just In My Mind?

Something just suddenly occurred to me: what if this whole world is just in my mind? What if all the people I know and the things I do and the places I go are all a part of my mind in which I feel it is so real but it's not.

What if I'm so immersed in this state of mind I don't actually realise I'm somewhere else? I'm in this place called Earth and I'm functioning and everything seems fine but what if this has stemmed from something inside my head; that all of you and everyone out there is a figment of my imagination.

Maybe I'll wake up one day and see the real world and I'll be in a hospital or something and doctors will say to me: are you there? and finally I will be there because I've left this state of mind behind.

And the thing is, this world seems so real. But doesn't every world inside your head seem real too? How do we know this is what it's truly like? Maybe I can see through my eyes but I'm blinded by my mind.

Maybe none of this exists.

It's scary to think that maybe what I do now means nothing. Maybe what I'm doing in this world causes a different action in the real world. Maybe I'm surrounded by people yelling at me whilst I'm sitting here alone in a silent room wondering about the world in this fake reality - my mind's reality.

But how will we ever know?


Published by Alice K. Davies

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