101 Marketing Guide for your New Mobile App

101 Marketing Guide for your New Mobile App

101 Marketing Guide for your New Mobile App

Oct 31, 2018, 6:26:13 PM Tech and Science

Marketing for Mobile Apps or sites online are entirely different and they have some similar as well as some different approaches. So we are today we going to discuss on how to do marketing for mobile phones and why we actually need it.

You must have noticed how all types of Business owners are interested in mobile apps and busy developing mobile app for SmartPhones. Why are they serious about getting their app installed in your Smartphone. A common man can never think what a marketer thinks. As the mobile Industry is booming and people are attracted to buy mobile phones than ever, think about India and China. Being a large part of the population under the poverty line still people are interested to buy SmartPhones so in China also mobile agency apps reviews plays a major role here.  

Though, iPhone is dominating over American and most of the European market, Android tool control over the Africa and Asia. It will take the user base into consideration, there are over 100 million android devices sold in last 5 years only in Asia Pacific region now imagine its user base worldwide.

Now why we need Marketing strategy for Smartphone Users?

As per a recent study by independent agency, Average yankee spends over 5 hours on his Smartphone which is much more than any other around the globe. If we will talk technique then Mobile marketing is something like optimizing a brand fit enough for promoting in the all types of mobile phones. What more surprising is, over 67% SmartPhones are bought digitally.

As we spent lots of time on your smartphone, it gives marketing agencies a lot of idea to come about and run much targeted marketing campaign for almost all the smartphones. What a regular Smarphone user don’t know is all the smartphones collect user data be it Android and iPhone which can be used by a marketer to target them. It makes the job easy for digital markers to do the job and get better conversions.

Some of the best smartphone marketing examples

You may be an iPhone user or an android phone user, it is pretty obvious that you watch YouTube or vimeo. When you watch youtube, you will see various ads for downloading apps mostly eCommerce apps or various apps from Google. YouTube has become one of the most advertisement platforms for mobile users. Now you have downloaded free version of any app or game, chances are you will see ads for sure. All the ads you see on your smartphone depends purely on your location, interests, websites you visited last time, also what you searched online. Some claim it as the violation of privacy but it is the gold mine for marketers.

Setting up your marketing campaign and optimized for your Smartphone

Best way to reach customers online on smartphone is making perfect landing pages for smartphones. Whatever may be your target, running popup ads in mobile phones work better like the one you see on games and various apps. Here keep in mind, the traditional marketing will not go long and there is high probability of conversion so it depends on how well you run your campaign.

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