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Creative Photography is a technique of giving simple photographs an artistic touch. It is an enhancement of conventional photography that gives wings to the creative thoughts and influences experimentation of new ideas with different Media like paint, photography, transfer, digital and many more. It completely revolves around photographer’s creative mind resulting in a display of exemplary attractive images.

Essential Accessories for Creative Photography

If you are looking forward to amazing photography nothing is best than Nikon DSLR. Following are the ten most essential Nikon accessories you must have to shoot the best portrait or landscape photographs.

1. Telephone Zoom Lens- for focusing the far objects.

2. Wide Angle Zoom Lens- best for landscape photography to capture a large area in a single frame.

3. External Flashes- for capturing objects under low light or dark area.

4. Tripods- prevent blurring of images when exposed around the duration of 1/40 second.

5. Prime Lens- helps in capturing compact photographs having a fixed focal length.

6. External Monitor- an external display to help you focus better while taking videos and photographs.

7. Walkaround Lens- helps in shooting near and far objects without changing the lens each time.

8. Reflectors- Adds an extra bounce light to your subject when natural light is low.

9. UV & Polarizing filters-Preserves your camera lens and sensor from harmful UV rays while polarizing filters add color effect to the image especially during watershoots.

10. Macro Lens- helps in capturing fine details of the subject matter.

5 Essential Rules for Creative Photography

The below-mentioned rules are the basic guideless to start with creative photography. These can be broken as per your creative thoughts once you have expertise in these 5 rules.

1. Tilted Horizon

Mostly all individuals who are quite good at taking photographs prefer them to be straightly aligned so that all objects look straight and in position. But you can make the same picture creative when you slightly tilt your camera lens at a certain angle which doesn’t look like an error but at the same time gives a diagonal effect to your image focusing on the subject.

2. Dead Center

 According to the Rule of Third which focuses on highlighting the subject, you can give the rule a new dimension by helping it stand out. If you capture the image placing your subject in the center it will look dull but the same thing is you do by focusing on the center of the subject with the minute details allowing some space to breathe it makes the entire image look attractive.

3. Enhancing the Rule of Thirds

This rule applies perfectly while you are capturing the natural scenery. While the basic Rule of Third focuses on keeping your subject matter at the intersection points of the horizontal and vertical lines to bring it out of the center, in this case, to make it more creative you can chop off one or two third of the horizon to make your subject attractive.

4. Encourage the Negative Space

All basic level photographers aim in filling up the frame with subject matter chopping off the empty space. But sometimes you can embrace the empty space more with a distant view of the subject to make give it a feeling. For ex- if you are capturing the street lights, give more space to the black night sky while keeping the focus on the street lights from a distance.

5. Ignore Active Space

Do not let your subject always face at your camera lens, creativity lies when you capture your subject looking anywhere randomly instead of looking at the camera lens.


If you have attained an expertise in normal photography and looking forward to creative stuff these are the five 5 basic rules you need to master in order to have a bright career in Creative photography

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