Cookie Clicker Achievements

Cookie Clicker Achievements

Cookie Clicker Achievements

Jul 21, 2018, 5:14:11 PM Tech and Science

Cookie clicker is a great clicker game with a backing theme. In this game you bake cookies, collect cookies for upgrades. There are 2 categories of updates in cookie clicker achievements and this section to improve clicking rate. The cost of these upgrades or buildings increases incrementally. Cookie clicker is an enjoyable game and is powered by HTML5to work in modern browsers.

Features and Controls

This game is progressive and you will create thousands of cookies and also send your produce cookies to millions.

  • It is an awesome idle clicking game.
  • The huge and fantastic range of buildings or upgrades of cookies.
  • Humorous game to play.
  • Funny phrases.

Cookie clicker achievements have left a key for menu items and also to produce cookies.

Cookie clicker game is developed by French programmer Ortiel.


A number of Normal achievements are 378.

Shadow achievements are 13 and

4 Dungeon achievements.

Normal achievements and description.

There are some major achievements from this section

  • Wake and Bake: bake single cookie in one ascension.
  • Another achievement is How?: bake a hundred cookies in single ascension.
  • Cosmic Bakery: Bake 100 billion cookies in one ascension.
  • Universal Bakery: 100 trillion cookies in single ascension.
  • Immortal Bakery: bake one quintillion cookies in 1 ascension.
  • And Then What: bake one quindecillioncookie in single ascension.

In cookie clicker achievement, if you achieve some goals then you will get badges and this will increase the amount of milk. The above normal achievements will increases your milk percentage while shadow achievements do not affect the percentage of milk because these achievements are uncounted until they are earned.

  • Casual Baking: one cookie in one second.
  • Steady Tasty Stream: bake 100 cookies in a single second.
  • Cookie Vortex: bake one million of cookies in one second.
  • Cookie Quasar: bake 100 million cookies per second.
  • World Filled With Cookies: bake 1 trillion cookies in one second.
  • Faster Menner: bake 10 quintillion cookies per second.
  • Hypersonic: bake 10 undecillion cookies in one second.

Shadow Achievements

  • Four leaf Cookie:  have 4 golden leaves or cookies simultaneously.
  • God Complex: name your self Orteil( developer of cookie clicker).
  • Third Party: find vanilla to be the boring flavor.
  • Speed Baking I: bake one million cookies in thirty-five minutes.
  • True Neverclick: no clicks but make 1 million cookies.
  • Speed baking II: one million cookies in twenty-five minutes.
  • Just plain lucky: a chance to earn 500,000 cookies in every second.
  • Speed baking III: in 15 minutes you will get one million cookies.
  • So much to do so much to see: management of cookies legacy for a year.

Buildings and Upgrades

There are 2 terms in cookie clicker achievement buildings and upgrades. The first section or a building section includes many different items that create cookies such as cursor and grandma. And the second section contains upgrades to increase and improve your clicking rates or amount of cookies.

  • Builder: in this building, you will own 100 buildings.
  • Engineer: own upto 1000 buildings.
  • Architect: own five hundred buildings.
  • Lord of Constructs: the vast plains are stretching ahead, own 2000 buildings.
  • Enhancer: in this, you will purchase 20 upgrades.
  • Upgrader: you will purchase 100 upgrades.
  • Polymath: in this section own 300 upgrades and 3000 buildings.
  • Centennial: having atleast 100 of buildings and upgrades.
  • Tricentennial: have 300 o everything.
  • Quadricentennial: 400 of everything.

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