Tips to remember when you are traveling with kids

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Tips to remember when you are traveling with kids

Jan 17, 2018, 3:48:45 AM News

While traveling is fun, going on a vacation with kids is not so easy. Whether you are flying the unfriendly skies or hitting the road, the possible hassles are plenty. If you are traveling with your toddlers, several questions may arise - What if your kids scream the entire flight or act up? What if you reach the destination exhausted than excited? Well, BankBazaar Singapore is here to tell you a thing or two about flying or taking a road trip with kids.

  • Include your kids from the beginning – Let your children help in choosing the destination. This will make them feel important as they are more involved in the process. If your destination is a visit to your family home, take your kids’ help to plan the road trip, including stops on the way. Either way, plan your trip with your family to help start the journey on the right note.
  • Plan some more – Planning for a trip is a lot of fun when you do it with your kids. Take them to a library and do some research on your destination. Ask your children to make a list of sites they want to visit and things they want to do. Some of these sites may require advance bookings. If you are lucky, you may get discounts when booking in advance using your credit card.
  • Get your hands on a map – If you are making a road trip, you can make your children highlight the route to the destination and also mark the chosen stops. This way, you will have a backup if your GPS is down.
  • Pack clever – Do not pack too much or else you will be miserably messy. Again, if you pack too less, you may have to face the wrath of a bored child. Pack a small bag for each child with an extra set of clothes, Pjs, toothbrush, small toys, and reading books. If you have space, make sure you are carrying your child’s blanket and pillow. Kids like to have their own stuff if you are stopping at a motel or making them sleep in the flight.
  • Spot or play – This trick goes a long way to beat boredom. Ask your kids to spot different things like a field of horses or cows while you drive. If you are flying, you can play simple games like I-Spy or help them colour their painting book to keep them occupied.
  • Pack snacks – When all your tricks take a trip down south, give your children something to munch on. A hungry toddler is just as bad as a grumpy cat without its morning breakfast. Hence, until the in-flight meal is served or you stop for a meal at a restaurant, keep your kids occupied with light and healthy food.
  • Stop when your kids need to run – Make stops when required. You may have to change your baby’s diaper, feed them or take a bathroom break. If you take little breaks during your road trip, you will be less stressed and your kids will burn off some steam. If you are on a flight, you can walk around the plane with your child. If you are lucky to get friendly flight attendants, they might allow your child to enter the cockpit.
  • Book your hotels – Make sure you know your stops and plan your stay. Being spontaneous while traveling with kids can be a bad idea. Imagine you arrive at your last stop to find that all the hotel rooms are full and you have to drive again with an exhausted, hungry child melting in your car. Nightmare, eh?
  • Make memories – Once you reach your destination, have fun with your family and make good memories. Take lots of pictures with your kids and allow them to hold a camera to take your picture. You can make a scrapbook or an album of all the photographs of sites you have visited and the activities you have participated in.

If you follow these simple steps, you will definitely become a super parent. Managing your children’s on-board or in-transit behaviour will be easy to deal with. But, do not forget to take care of yourself in the process. If you are in good form, you will be able to cope with any of the tantrums thrown at you. Make sure to pack enough medicines for your family. Keeping Calpol, painkillers, thermometer, and tissues can save you from stress.

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