Tips For Keeping Up With Your Glam Routine At Home

Tips For Keeping Up With Your Glam Routine At Home

Feb 10, 2021, 8:17:26 PM Life and Styles

Lockdown and quarantine have been the norm for a long time now and, for some of us, that has meant coming up with creative ways to maintain a glam routine in the comfort of our own homes. No one knows when salons and nail bars will open again, so until then, we just need to ‘DIY’ it!

If you are someone who loves getting your nails done or always has perfectly fitted hair extensions, coming to terms with the fact that you need to become your own professional might take some time. However, keeping up your glam routine at home does not have to be complicated.

How do you go about creating a home glam routine, though? Follow the tips below.

Use Clip-In Extensions

Seeing as you won’t be heading to the hair salon anytime soon, going for a reliable way to apply your own extensions is wise. In this case, clip-in extensions are a good choice.

When you’re used to enjoying beautiful, long locks, you don’t want to have to go without them for who knows how long. So, to avoid this, order some of your favourite clip-in hair extensions and practise applying them. By the time lockdown ends, you’ll probably be a pro at it.

Opting for clip-in extensions also means that you’ll be able to maintain your glam appearance and attend Zoom meetings looking put together and ready for anything.

Embrace A Dedicated Skincare Routine

With less time spent commuting, and going anywhere else really, your early mornings and late evenings can become your personal time to treat yourself to a dedicated skincare routine. No more rushing, slapping some cream on and heading out the door!

This also means that you can actually spend time enjoying the process and choosing products that make you feel luxurious. It’s no secret that when your skin feels good, you quickly feel confident and happy too. Plus, a glowing, clear face is the perfect canvas for makeup!

Dress Up Even When You Don’t Leave The House

When you wake up and put on clothes in the morning, you feel a sense of purpose and motivation. That shouldn’t change just because we are in a national lockdown. Of course, there may be some days where you don’t feel like it, but on the days that you do, take full advantage.

Putting on proper clothing before you start work is one way to make you feel like your usual self and lift your mood. You can even take it as far as putting on your favourite glam outfits and enjoy these around the house. 

Have a bit of fun by coordinating your outfits, makeup, and accessories, regardless of who you’ll be able to show them off to. If anything, this will bring back some kind of excitement and will certainly help you maintain your glam routine.

Do A Weekly At-Home Manicure And Pedicure

There are so many options now that make doing your nails a lot easier. You can purchase proper gel kits that can give you that salon feeling in your own home, or you can choose the traditional nail polish route and indulge in some good hand creams and cuticle oil.

Spending time pampering your hands and feet can make you feel like a new human! Just light some candles, put on some music or your favourite show, and spend a few hours giving your hands and feet some much needed TLC.

There are many ways to ensure that your glam routine remains untouched while in lockdown. Follow these tips and enjoy the more time you have to spend on these routines!

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