Why I Quit Social Media

There I was, stepping on the scale for the 4th time that day. I remember watching the numbers scurry while it calculated my weight. No matter what the number was, I was unhappy; and I still am, for now. 

When I'm bored, I scroll through social media. I start with Instagram (my favorite), and when I'm done I move on to Facebook. Once I've seen it all, I move on to Twitter, then Pinterest, then of course YouTube and the list goes on. When my eyes have had enough, my mind continues to reflect on what I absorbed through the social media content. 

Is it uplifting? 

Sure, if you consider size 00 women flaunting their dangerously skinny bodies in minimal clothing uplifting. I guess it's uplifting if you consider the quote "you're not hungry, you're just bored" to be motivational. 

Does It Motivate Me?

Heck, yeah it motivates me. It motivates me to eat less so I too can squeeze into a 00. It motivates me to work out until I puke so I can look like I'm about to step on the runway. It motivates me to eat a 1,000 calorie diet just to be sure I don't have rolls when I sit down. It motivates me to step on that scale one more time, to see how many pounds were added to the last number calculated. Sure, it motivates me. It motivates me to be the worst version of myself possible. 

Does It Make Me Happy?

No. Social media has done nothing but make me an insecure, self-conscious individual with the goal of having a perfect lifestyle, perfect body and perfect wardrobe. 

Is It Realistic?

Oh, yeah. Everybody is perfect. Everybody is happy. Except for me, I'm a loser. 


Come on. I am so sick of feeling like I'm not enough. Of feeling like I need to do more to be a decent human being. Of feeling like I can't eat that donut or fried chicken because I can't have rolls when I sit down in my bikini. Of seeing only the good in people's lives through social media. How many times have you posted a picture of yourself with no makeup on, or in sweatpants? How many times have you posted a picture of you and your SO fighting? How often do you post a status about how you failed your exam? How often are you 100% REAL on social media? 

Social media creates this realm of perfection. It's a place where everyone is happy and everything is right. You get to see all the success of others, but what about their failures? What about the interviews with no callbacks? What about the fights in that "perfect" relationship? What about the ponytail kinks in your long natural hair? What about the rolls when you sit down? 

Social media has mentally torn into many individuals. Look at the numbers! The rate of mental illnesses since social media made its debut have skyrocketed!!! Cyber bullying, self harm, depression, food disorders, social anxiety and more. 

I've made the decision to quit because I was lucky enough to realize that it's the root of my self consciousness and social anxiety. I can only hope that this article motivates you to take a stand and better your mental health by either quitting social media entirely or at least unfollowing the accounts/people that tear you down emotionally. 


Published by Alicia Blaine

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Jun 30, 2016, 11:29:04 PM

Hey! pleasure to meet you. This was a FANTASTIC POST! & I hope to hear more.. (hopefully you didn't quit this site). I couldn't agree more. I mean, I use my social media almost everyday, generally, I scope out more than I post but it amazes me how unhappy I am when I see the "perfect" life others are living that I am dreaming of. Social media is a tough critic. Shay-lon

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