A Visit to the City I Missed

A Visit to the City I Missed

My mother grew up in San Francisco. My grandma, aunt/uncle, and cousins still live in San Francisco. Growing up, my mother always took us into the city for family visits, and all around shopping feats! I used to stay with my grandma for weeks at her vintage house on 41st avenue. As I got older, visits became more frequent because my eldest sister went to school- and lived- in San Francisco. She lived near Union Square (near all the shopping) for the first few years, then moved to the historic (and somewhat posh) neighborhood of Russian Hill.

Being away from the Bay Area, I really missed San Francisco. I have been itching to get back there since summer began. Just this week, I went with my best friend. Of course, we shopped. But honestly, I just wanted to take pictures. 

One thing that I love the most about San Francisco is it’s unique history. Both my grandma and my mother have shared stories about San Francisco, and it is definitely a city that grows on you. Part of its charm is its different architectural styles. There are so many different style buildings that all come together to make San Francisco as eclectic as it is. 

I would love to own an apartment in San Francisco, either in the Marina District or Russian Hill. I have always loved San Francisco… Well, I just love cities in general. I have made it one of my little goals to live in the three cities I love the most: New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. So stay tuned for those adventures!

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