The Importance of a Coffee Shop

The Importance of a Coffee Shop

In order to keep busy and make a little money, I started working for my university’s newspaper. I work during the weekdays and one day on the weekends. About two weeks ago, I picked up the Sunday shift. With the rest of my college obligations, with finding time to hang out with friends and with my boyfriend, I felt a little stressed. Being an English major, I am assigned a heavy load of readings every day. Just last week I read 50 pages a day just to stay on track. I’m not complaining, I swear. I love reading, and I love books. I enjoy my major and could not imagine studying anything other than English. But sometimes, everyone needs a little down time. This is when I realized the importance of coffee shops.

The beautiful thing about working at the newspaper as a copyeditor is that you can edit contributors’ work online. I often go to coffee shops just to sit and obviously drink a coffee (that’s a given). But since I picked up shifts on the weekend, I have been finding little spots all around Los Angeles to do my work. Verve Coffee Roasters and Dinosaur Coffee are the two spots I have hit recently.

Verve Coffee Roasters in DTLA doesn’t serve just coffee. They also have a really good choice of teas and juices. My first visit I went with something pretty safe: a vanilla latte with soy milk. It was actually really good. The baristas working were so pleasant and nice, it added to the whole laid back vibe of Verve. It was a very calming place to take out my laptop and edit articles.

Dinosaur Coffee is easily my favorite spot. Areas around Sunset like Los Feliz and Silver Lake are my favorite. If you have ever been to West Village in New York, this area is pretty similar. Laid back, and filled with cool thrift spots and vinyl stores, it is the perfect coffee shop spot. Will I live in this neighborhood when I get the chance? Probably. Most likely. But anyways. Dinosaur Coffee had an immense amount of natural light inside. It felt like all the walls were just windows. It had an easy and calm environment that is perfect for getting some work done.

Once I began to get a little more busy, I realized the importance of having a little time to relax. Even though I’m technically still working while sitting at a coffee shop, the fact that I give myself new surroundings to work really helps destress me. I seem to get a little more productive while in coffee shops, which has helped me stay on track during my second year at university.



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