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Music is a big part of who I am. So, I love finding new bands and artists that help cultivate my music collections. But I also love past artists too. These two can come hand-in-hand when it comes to vinyl.

My father had so many records and I think that is where my obsession really began. When I was young, I remember wanting to play these "big CD disks." As I got older, I appreciated his vintage 60s/70s vinyl so much more (and I actually knew to call them vinyl and not big CD disks). 

I have been creating somewhat of my own record collection for a while now. I have close to 50 records that I picked out and purchased all on my own. Today, for Tuesday's Tunes, I'm focusing on three of my favorite newer artists. 

Don't You is Wet's most recently released album. I bought this record during a recent trip to San Francisco. I usually stick to buying old records when I go to a thrift store, but I could not resist this album. Wet is a pretty new group from Brooklyn, NY. Their sound is very melodic, and a little hypnotic. If you're into sounds from Chairlift, Banks, or Blood Orange, I suggest Wet. They have been absolutely killing the music scene since the release of their debut self-titled EP. 

I first came across Unknown Mortal Orchestra after coming off a two week long Kurt Vile binge. The first song I ever heard from UMO was "So Good At Being In Trouble." That song has some serious soul, and an amazing lyrical sentiment that craves to be felt. "So Good At Being In Trouble" came off UMO's second album II. This album gave UMO the classification of "psychedelic rock," and rightfully so. Their third studio album is titled after their most popular song on the album "Multi Love." I purchased Multi Love second hand from a used vinyl shop. I recommend this album, and the album before, if you're into artists like Tame Impala, and Animal Collective.

The last record I am going to mention is one that I am incredibly sentimental about. I had begun to really delve into the uniqueness of Father John Misty about two years ago. I had quite an obsession with the Fleet Foxes in high school, and through them, I found Josh Tillman/Father John Misty/J. Tillman (all the same guy. I know. So complicated). I Love You, Honeybear is the second album released by Josh Tillman under his satirical pseudonym Father John Misty. It also happens to be the first album I ever bought my boyfriend, Ramiro.

It was the first in depth conversation about music that we had, which was really important to me. In return, Ramiro bought me the I Love You, Honeybear vinyl. When school began last year, I noticed FJM was preforming at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, and he and I went there for our first concert date. So, yeah, I am very sentimental (borderline overly obsessed) when it comes to this record. If you're into Vampire Weekend or Sufjan Stevens, give Josh Tillman a listen. I promise any of his music, spanning from his acoustic albums to his indie rock albums, is sure not to disappoint.

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Aug 20, 2016, 3:35:57 PM

One small note from a long time record collector, a lot of people recently hip to records call them 'vinyls' when 'vinyl' is the proper term for both plural and singular. I work in a record store in Berkeley and a lot of people new to it say 'vinyls' and it drives some of us nuts! I've made it my personal mission to help people in their love for my favorite format. Happy collecting! Followed you on WP too! cheers!

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