How to Transfer a Calls on Yealink Phones Manual

How to Transfer a Calls on Yealink Phones Manual

Jan 18, 2021, 9:52:46 AM Tech and Science

The call transferring feature is quite beneficial for allowing users to communicate in a better way. This feature helps people to send an in-progress phone call to a different phone during telephonic conversations. Cold and warm methods of directing telephonic conversations are discussed here. These methods assist people in collaborating without any difficulty.

Let’s discuss various methods of sending calls on a Yealink telephone manual:

1) Blind Transfer:

It is simply a prototype of a call transfer from directing the caller to another agent without getting him notified. An agent is made aware of the customer’s issue with the help of this method. Both customers and new agents are not notified about the phone call. In this case, users need to answer the call and determine which agent you would like to transfer the call to for proper handling.

It is a transfer to another extension without actually starting a call to an end destination. A telephonic conversation is blindly sent to a destination. Press the answer key for receiving an incoming call. After that, press Tran soft key for initiating a blind transfer procedure. Then, dial the extension number of an individual you would like to send the call to—Press B-Tran for finishing this process.

Headsets for Yealink Phones are accountable for allowing users to interact uninterruptedly. These headsets are extremely comfortable to wear for a whole day without any inconvenience. Business tasks can be performed effectively by making use of these headphones equipped with extraordinary features. Advanced technological aspects and features can be enjoyed through these latest headphones.

2) Transferring a Call To a Speed Dial Number:

Users can follow simple steps to redirect their calls to another agent. Customization is required to activate this feature. Chat with a support center by using a chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of this screen. All the issues of users can be resolved appropriately through this method. Start your chat if you do not have your speed dial numbers programmed into your phone. Start with an active call and press a Transfer key.

After that, press a speed dial key that you want to transfer your call to. Thus, this transferred call is now ringing on a speed dial number you selected. If a call is not answered, then it will be routed to their voicemail box.

The call forwarding feature can also be used via Vtech Handsets. These handsets are equipped with the premium sound quality for collaborating in a better way. People are capable of completing their official duties quite conveniently. Conference calls can be made successfully by making use of these telephones.

Online meetings can be arranged appropriately by using the advanced features of these telephones. DECT 6.0 technology is implemented in these phones for allowing distraction-free communication. HD audio is relished through these superior quality phones. The efficiency of a phone can be judged based on features. A handset with the more versatile features is considered more effective.

3) Attended Transfer Method:

It is a method in which a call is put on hold before transferring to a destination. Furthermore, another call is initiated to confirm whether an end destination wants to take a call or not—select answer soft key for receiving a phone call. An attended transfer procedure can be started by pressing a Tran key. A caller is automatically put on hold in this manner.

Dial an extension number of a person you wish to send the telephonic conversation to. Press ok to make a call successfully. A transfer recipient is responsible for answering and accepting a telephonic conversation. Tran key is used for transferring calls efficiently. Thus, an original caller and transfer recipient are now connected.

4) Advantages of Transferring Telephonic Conversations:

There are a lot of advantages of sending telephonic conversations on the Yealink landline. Thus, official calls can be managed effectively. This feature allows users to be mobile. It is also quite helpful for increasing staff availability and productivity of the business. Call forwarding is an important part of your communication strategy. Thus, business meetings can be arranged effectively with the help of this wonderful feature.

Users can easily move from one place to another, and they do not need to restrict themselves to a specific place for receiving telephonic conversations. Users are allowed to move from home to office without missing a single call. Telephonic conversations can be transferred from one department to another. Queries of clients are solved by forwarding calls to a specified department for call center jobs. Additionally, telephonic conversations can be transferred from one agent to another. 


All the above-mentioned methods of the Yealink Phones Manual are quite useful to make successful call transfer quite conveniently. These methods are accountable for providing significant customer service benefits. Employees working in an office environment can easily travel with the help of the call transferring feature. Additionally, users can increase their perceived presence, and you can set up multiple local numbers that are forwarded to your mainline. A large number of gadgets with incredible features and remarkable acoustic quality are offered at FindHeadsets for the sake of the user’s convenience.

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