10 Things You Hairdresser Wants You To Know

10 Things You Hairdresser Wants You To Know

Being a hairdresser on one hand is the most enjoyable career you can have…on the other hand it can also be frustrating and eye rollingly painful. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere of a salon can often mean some clients forget to to be courteous and appreciative. There are many times when I would have loved nothing more then to blurt out numerous dot pointed lectures instead of biting my tongue and smiling. I managed to leave the hairdressing industry without one outburst, but now, I have listed 10 things I would like you to know:


  1. Respect My Time
    It’s simple. We respect your time, so you should respect ours. We have locked in a specific time frame just to pamper and pay attention to your needs. All we ask of you is to give us the common courtesy to arrive on time. If you cannot make your appointment we would love to have at least a days notice (obviously this isn’t always possible) Just like a hotel when cancelling a reservation, if we know early enough, we can re sell your appointment to someone else and not lose our precious time and money waiting around for someone who isn’t going to show up.
  2. Be Realistic
    I don’t care what Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have done to their hair in one day, going from black to blonde in one sitting, IS NOT REALISTIC. This process takes time, patience and a lot of money. Any good hairdresser will not agree to doing this and if they do, be prepared to walk out with little to no hair (don’t believe me? try it)
    As much as we would love to be magicians, we definitely aren’t.
  3. Dirty Hair Is Not Cool
    Yep I said it, coming to the salon and refusing to have your hair washed because it “Sits better when you cut it dirty” is basically gross. Do you go get a Brazilian wax having not washed in week? No? Then why on earth do you think a hairdresser would like to touch your week long unwashed hair? By all means come to us with dirty hair & let us wash it, no problems at all. But let me just put this “Hairdressers prefer to cut on dirty hair” myth to rest. It’s not cool, we don’t prefer it and even though we say it’s “fine” it’s not. #sorrynotsorry. If you’re unsure whether or not to wash your hair prior to a colour application, just call your salon and ask. Some stylists prefer it freshly washed while others like to leave it unwashed. As for cutting, WASH (or let us at least wash it for you).
  4. Photos Are Okay…Just
    95% of the time inspiration photos are great, they steer us in the right direction to achieving the hairstyle you desire. The other 5% however, can cause your stylist a lot of stress. These days, with the height of social media and editing, several of the looks people are bringing are either photo shopped or have had a team of many stylists working for hours to perfect the look. They are not real life. Bringing in a photo wanting Lady Gaga’s famous bow hair when you have Amber Rose’s clipper cut unfortunately, just isn’t going to happen.
  5. Hair Care At Home Is Important
    When your stylist is telling you to purchase a product to take home, they are not trying to up sell you to make more money, they just honestly believe it is the best thing for your hair. We are pushing our salons products because we know the benefits they will bring to you. Good hair starts with good products. Exceptional hair care should not stop the moment you walk out of the salon door. When you go to the doctors, you purchase the medicine they have recommended because you trust them and they are trained to know this. It is the same with a hairstylist. When you leave your hairdresser if you would like to continue having incredible hair you should purchase their recommended products.
  6. Some Colours Are A BIG Commitment
    Vibrant, rainbow and pastel colours as beautiful as they are, are a huge commitment. They fade fast and require a lot of attention. Some of these colours require a touch up once a week (yes I’m serious)  You need to put into account not only how much time you will need to allow to have this done, but also if it is within your budget. There is nothing more annoying for you (and me) if after getting you to this insanely awesome colour you realize you cannot afford the upkeep and have to fork out MORE  money and time to change you back to your previous colour.
  7. Please Put Your Phone Down
    100% of the time being on your phone while we are trying to cut, colour or blowdry your hair is stopping us from doing our job. Save the chat with your bestie for when we leave you to process your colour, not while we are servicing your needs directly. Unless you want an uneven cut or colour, please put the phone down.
  8. “Just Do Whatever You Want”
    For some reason, many people believe this line is just what the hairdresser wants to hear because it makes it “easier” for us. Let me just break this down for you…It doesn’t! We don’t want to have toguess what you like, we are not mind readers. What you think looks nice and what your hairdresser thinks looks nice might be two completely different things. You probably have an internal vision of what you would like to look like but if you don’t communicate that with us you are going to look how we want you to look, which is highly likely what you may not like. No one wants to play a guessing game.  We are more than happy to steer you in the direction to what we thinks suits you best, but always let your hairdresser know your likes and dislikes before we go changing your hair into a Victoria Beckham bob when deep down you wanted curls like Beyonce.
  9. 90% Of The Time We Don’t Get A Lunch
    Unfortunately in this profession many hair services don’t run on time. You can thank “Becky” who booked in for a “quick trim” but instead now “needs a full head of foils” Of course most salons allow time in their bookings for a set lunch, but more often than not lunch is taken over by giving our clients the very best. We don’t want to disappoint or say no to anyone and of course, time is money, the more hair you do, the more money the salon makes. Therefore lunch is often sacrificed in order to create happy clients and a happy boss.
  10. We’d Rather Fix Your Hair Than You Be Unhappy
    You’ve probably heard this one a million times but it’s true, if you dislike the way your hairstylist has done something, tell them! I know not all hairdressers will agree with some of my points above, but I can honestly say they will ALL agree on this one. If you hate your hair and go around telling everyone that a certain salon messed it up, that’s bad for business. 98% of the time we will admit we are at fault and fix it for you, 1% that doesn’t is either a lazy or dishonest stylist and the other 1% is normally clients changing their mind NOT that the stylist has done something wrong. Let us do what we are trained to do, but we are not perfect and of course sometimes we too make mistakes. Speak up so we can BOTH be happy about your hair.

Published by Alisha Marshall

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