Dear Best Friend

Dear Best Friend

Dear best friend,

You knew and loved me when I was young, awkward, immature and used an email that went something like: The teenage years of my life were dedicated to finding my top 8 Myspace friends. Thank you for being and remaining my number 1. For being my partner in crime, growing with me, helping me to figure out who I wanted to be (even if 99% of the time it was Justin Biebers wife) and for holding my head out of the toilet bowl when I had waaaaaay too many UDL's. Thank you for being the bite to my bark, whenever we were causing trouble or being reckless (which was more often than not) I knew you would have my back. It was the late nights, the runaway stints, never ending giggles and the adolescent secrets I entrusted to you that has cemented our BFFL status.

There is something incredibly special about not being blood related yet still loving and supporting each other so fiercely that makes our relationship my favourite. Our bond is irreplaceable and unbreakable. Everything I have been through, you have lived through too and maybe that is exactly what has kept our friendship to strong. The fear of being judged is non existent when we are together, I know I can tell you absolutely anything without hesitation and you will be there holding my hand no matter what. Thank you for always letting me be me, whether that be bitchy me, moody me, loudmouth me or depressed me (and thank you for making happy me overrun them all). You are the one person who's opinion matters most, as long as you and I are on the same page, no one else's input could ever phase me.

You are always the first person I call when I am overwhelmed with life getting to hard, the first person I need to tell good news to, turn to for advice and the first person that receives the "I miss you" message when I've been away from home for too long. You know exactly what I am thinking with just a simple look, we both may be nodding in agreement listening to that bullshit story Mindy* just spun, but I know once we're alone we're going to tell each other in unison that Mindy* is a God damn fool (LOL). When someone makes me promise to "not tell anyone" their secret, me agreeing to not tell anyone is waived when it comes to my bestie. Trust me, nobody knows your secret...except me...and her. I could spark up an argument with several people and remain unphased, but the moment I feel even the slightest inkling that I may be upsetting you, I feel sick. We never argue, but if we did, it wouldn't last a day. Besides, what do we have to argue about when we literally agree on everything.

Before boys, babies and distance, there was us, and there will always be. Our friendship is incomparable to any other and the love between the two of us is unmatched (hence people believing we were lesbians). Thank you for making me a better person, thank you for remaining with me through life no matter what and thank you for continually making my world brighter. Thank you for being the true definition of a best friend. I am honored at the very core of my soul to be experiencing this life with you. I can’t tell you how much I burst with pride every time I tell someone that you are MY best friend. We may now be growing up separately but we certainly are never growing apart.

No matter what happens today, tomorrow or in 100 years, no matter who I meet or where we are in life, Monique you will always, always be my very best friend.

Published by Alisha Marshall

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