5 Ways To Eliminate Business Disruptions Due To Technology

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5 Ways To Eliminate Business Disruptions Due To Technology

Jul 21, 2021, 11:45:14 AM Tech and Science

Everything is in the middle of constant discontinuity. And only one thing is sure: technology will disrupt every aspect of our lives. Today, technology plays a massive role in determining business financial success. Computers, laptops, and any other internet-enabled devices offer you a platform for selling products and services.


For CMOS, it's pretty challenging to know and understand what these technologies are. And how technologies are disrupting the way we are doing business today. With the right technologies in place, any business owner can gain a competitive edge. It is just because they can stay attuned to market technology trends.

The speedy innovation today is a threat to every business. We have seen companies failing due to the inability to cope with change. Viruses, cyber-attacks, and system inefficiency can disrupt an industry. It is because they don't have the necessary protocols in place.


Fortunately, with the right managed IT service, you can imply comprehensive security solutions. And it leads to improved efficiency of your systems to prevent disruptions.

Main disruptions and how to prevent them

Problem - Frequent downtime

Gartner has performed an analysis that downtime can cost businesses approximately $5600 per minute. It leads to ceasing in productivity, sales won't process further, and businesses lose customers. Companies that are dependent on their system might shut down for an extended period. It could prove catastrophic if there is a long waiting time before you can make any repairs.


  • Solution - Continuous system monitoring


At IT consultant service, managed service providers offer 24/7 system monitoring. It allows them to detect causes of downtime, security flaws. Also, it detects other vulnerabilities that lead to costly damages. Continuous system monitoring means your provider can repair faults as soon as they identify them. It prevents hackers from exploiting hard to detect backend flaws.

 Problem - Security incidents

A security breach is another high cost for businesses. They are occurring more and more frequently every day. The average cost of a ransomware attack is massive, around $713,000. It is the cost that leads small and medium-sized businesses to fold within months. If your system is not protected, security incidents can be more than disruption. And might kill it completely.


  • Solution: Implement robust security measures


Along with continuous monitoring, IT consulting firms provide you cybersecurity resources. Your in-house teams have rare access to it. It provides you with layered security architecture to support your system defense, disaster recovery, and data backup. Also, it offers zero trust security to your business. Even if a data breach occurs, comprehensive plans can ensure costs and damages get diminished.

Problem - Unnecessary cost

When there is an issue in technology, repairing is a need. But if you are working with an IT company that offers break or fix support, you could be paying more than you agreed for. These companies are far less motivated for long-term solution implementation. And it is likely to break again soon. Additionally, most companies are with outrageous bills that follow an IT service for an immediate solution.


  • Solution - Cost-effective solution


A managed IT service provider will guarantee you long-term benefits for your business. So you can occupy and repair security issues. What's more, they will offer you a service cost that is simpler to budget. And it also motivates them to implement long-term and viable solutions so that you can keep your business. They have a low monthly rate, and with a proactive approach, you can end IT inefficiencies. So it helps you save money in more than one way.

Problem - Turning down the business reputation

Business gets often disrupted due to hacking attempts or data breaches. They suffer a negative reputation from their customers and from the media too. It doesn't matter what field they are involved in; you need to focus on cybersecurity to protect customer data before such incidents occur. They also need custom solutions. And not a simple one that misleads with their specific business needs and procedures.


  • Solution - Get customized help


Managed IT service is working with companies every month. So they are able to develop long-term relationships with your business. It means they consult with you. And ensure you are strategizing your cybersecurity and IT needs according to goals. It helps you keep the system secure and manage your unique business. The procedure is safe. And it allows your IT infrastructure to scale along with your business to projected growth.

Problem - Not having expertise advice


  • Solution - Fight from within


Hire an it consulting firm that is an expert in the field. Don't try to disrupt a well known industry from the outside. If you are on the inside and work for an established organization, then the mantra is "disrupt or get disrupted."

Summing up:

In today's digital business panorama, you must invest in eliminating technology disruption. Let's face it, getting rid of technical annoyance is good for your business. And also it sanities your workforce. Moreover, by outsourcing managed IT, service providers that offer solutions can reduce the risk. And it helps to keep your organization running.

Published by Alisha Porter

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