Cliches Pt. 2

Cliches Pt. 2

Nov 7, 2016, 10:01:34 PM Opinion

Another atrocious cliche I have come to identify with is “roll with the punches”, and yet is is so painstakingly true. There is no other way to go through life other than to deal with the hand we were dealt. What is the other option, lay down and take it? Simply let life walk all over us? Because it will, given the chance. We either deal with the hard stuff, or we die, there are no in betweens. If we lay back and give life the impression that we are easily taken advantage of, we will be. When we had truck issues in Australia that racked up thousand of relentless dollars, I was so distraught I wanted to squeeze my eyes closed and make it al disappear. But it didn’t, obviously, I opened my eyes and the issues were still there, staring me in the face, waiting to see how i would react. The same can be said for many situations in my life, and instead of evaporating, they fester and evolve. Ignoring my to do list, the paying of bills, having that difficult conversation with someone I’m ignoring because it’s easier to pretend those things don’t exist. However I’ve gotten to the point where I realize that it’s much easier to deal with the somewhat difficult or painful tasks now than it is to deal with the gargantuan issue it will morph into in the future. I think that many people, my former self included, let the punches get them down and pummel them, or rather they ignore the punches until it’s a full on beating. I feel like a character in a video came, completing tasks to move on to the next level, and the faster I deal with the task at hand, the quicker I win. So I have discovered yet another cliche that is all too true to add to my repertoire. The punches will come, and I just have to acknowledge them and move on, or die, and I will neither let the punches get the best of me or take me down. 

Published by Alison Howe

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