Over time and through a lot of trial and error I have come to find that there is nothing that satiates my soul more than our mother earth. Nature, the great outdoors, and everything untouched brings me more happiness and peace than anything else in this world. I am sure that this is common sense to many people, seeing as how we as human beings were born and meant to be active participants in nature as opposed to using it to our advantage. But I think that many, if not the majority, of people today forget that we were born to be part of something bigger than ourselves, and not just the biggest. 

    Reflecting upon my darkest days I am able to see a large disconnect between myself and mother nature. I put my stock in other things that I found to be important to me; substances, social life, my external sense of self, the need for approval. At those points in my life when I felt the lowest I had not yet established a strong connection between my soul and the earth. Now that I have, however, it could not be more apparent that this is where I belong. Outside, where the air is fresh enough to fill my lungs with purity and authenticity. The trees tower above me and the mountains above them, serving as a reminder of who came first, who the real rulers of this earth are. No matter who the dictators and tyrants of this world are, they will come and go, and the elements will always remain steadfast. 

    To establish a pure connection with the earth is to take your soul back to its natural roots. Our connection with the earth used to be so much stronger, a symbiotic relationship that was more give and take where as now it is only take. As humans we have digressed to such a state that we see our benefactor as a resource instead of a gift that should be cultivated and worshiped. Without our earth, we would have nothing. We wouldn’t have life. We would not be. 

    The natural hues, the austerity and magnificence of mountains that created themselves, the power of the elements that could wipe out every world ruler without so much as batting an eye. The way that science works together so flawlessly, without the need of outside engineering to make it more efficient or successful. It is dumbfounding. It has been a well oiled machine, for lack of a better word, since the beginning of time.

    To be able to venture out and immerse myself within such a beautiful piece of existence is the most humbling and grounding of experiences. When I am stressed or unsure of what my life has become, I only need to walk further into the forest or feel the sun on my face to know that it doesn’t matter. It will all melt away and become a distant memory because the earth will keep spinning, regenerating, the sun will keep shining, and our mother will keep thriving. 

Published by Alison Howe

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