Abacus Training And The Science Involved

Abacus Training And The Science Involved

Sep 8, 2021, 2:07:03 PM News

Math problems of any complexity can be solved within seconds by Semas Abacus students. It doesn't matter what math problem you give them; they will solve it correctly without using any calculator. This skill is achieved through abacus education.

As a parent, you might wonder whether your child will be able to learn such superhuman abilities as well. "Yes." is the correct answer. Your child, too, can become a mental arithmetic master by getting an abacus education.

What is abacus? Is Abacus Maths training based on any science? Let's talk about it.

Abacus Education And Its Relation To The Brain

The brain's left hemisphere helps us perform Mathematics and logical reasoning, while the right hemisphere contributes to our imagination, visualization, and intuitive abilities.

In school, a child is trained in classic mathematics by training the left hemisphere. To perform an abacus calculation successfully, a trainee must visualize an abacus, mentally move the imaginary beads with the same precision every time regardless of what operators are applied, and identify the bead position in order to deliver accurate results. This mental arithmetic trains the right hemisphere.

Children find abstract numbers challenging to understand, but abacus training makes numbers visual, making them more appealing. Abacus training has been proven to stimulate both the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Abacus training teaches children arithmetic concepts while allowing them to visualize problems. The ability to comprehend subjects such as math and science is greatly enhanced by these concepts. The aim of abacus education is to improve their level of intuition and imagination in order to master advanced mathematics, to be able to analyze, to learn a language, and the like. 

As an instrument that stimulates the right brain, abacus creates a balance between the left and right brain, allowing the left to take in and retain information with ease and work with the right brain to use logic in solving problems within and outside the classroom.

Abacus Maths And Its Relation To Spatial Reasoning

The idea of connecting a physical object with abstract thinking is taught to children during Abacus training. As a result, their spatial and imaginative reasoning is strengthened. Calculations, even those involving complex numbers, are easy to understand and perform without external devices.

Through the ability to visualize, imagination, and spatial reasoning, numbers are transformed into objects. Numbers are no longer a scary concept, and concepts become easy to comprehend.

Mental Arithmetics - Its Effects On Long-term Memory And Short-term Memory

Abacus math is an excellent way for children to learn how to solve problems. As a matter of fact, the Abacus Perth approach can be used to solve problems in many subjects, even math, and algebra. Researchers found that Abacus children are often quick to pick up new languages. This explains their excellent long-term memory.

Solving problems with short-term memory is common among children. With Abacus maths techniques, children find that they don't need to memorize anything in order to solve problems. Brains are ingrained with the ability to calculate. This makes short-term memory available for other essentials like schedules and important tasks.

Abacus problems require imagination. Recalling the beads' positions and transforming them into abstract numbers is an art that can't be accomplished without imagination. This process develops short and long-term memory in young children.

Abacus Classes And How They Affect Critical Thinking

There is mounting evidence that abacus training makes the child better at analyzing problems. In abacus maths, a child is taught how to critically and analytically analyze a situation.

Abacus education enables your child to imagine. Problems begin to be viewed from different perspectives, patterns are manipulated, and work on them begins to emerge.

Students who master these skills advance in any field that involves critical thinking, be it literature, physics, social development, etc. Therefore, Abacus children feel more confident and independent.

The use of abacus in primary school classrooms is adequately supported by scientific data and practically observed results. There is nothing more delightful than watching a little child solve complex problems with speed and accuracy.

Enroll your child in Semas Abacus Classes in Australia to benefit from abacus training. By combining abacus training with modern technologies and several number-based games, Semas has managed to maintain the sanctity of the ancient abacus tool.

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