5 Best eBook Reader Apps For Android And iOS

 eBook Reader Apps

5 Best eBook Reader Apps For Android And iOS

Dec 18, 2020, 5:13:03 AM Tech and Science

All of you who are bookworms must remember that we once had a dream of creating our own libraries at our homes with thousands and thousands of books stacked together, filling all the shelves. 

However, as we slowly grew up, we realised the loopholes in that dream. All the avid readers would agree that we can’t go on buying every book we wish to read; that’s simply not feasible for many of us. Also, books age with time, and it breaks our hearts to see one we bought with so much love degrading slowly. You can also visit for latest tech updates on the Website.

They require space and care, which many of us lack in our modern homes. Also, not all books handy; you can’t carry a hefty one with you on the go.

A good eBook reader app solves most of these problems, with its own advantages. You can now store countless books inside a little electronic gadget that’s your phone. No place or time is wrong for reading anymore, open the book on your phone and start reading while you’re on a metro, on your way to work, or waiting in the grocery line at the mall. You don’t even need to switch on the lights! ( although we suggest you do, for the health of your eyes)

However, another important question remains. Which ebook reader apps should you use? Both Android’s Playstoreand Apple’s iStore is full of options when you type ebook reader apps. Which one, out of all these, should you go with? Well, we’ve brought you a list of the best ebook reader apps for Android and iOS. You can go through it and make a choice that is ideal for you. 


Are you looking for an ebook reader app for android and iOS that enables you to read not just books but much more? NOOK is certainly the best choice for you in that case. Created by Barnes&Noble, this ebook reader app offers the user to read magazines, newspapers, mangas and comics in addition to books. All formats of ebooks, PDF, MOBI, EPUB, etc. are supported on the app. It features different settings for the lighting in accordance with the light of your surroundings. The app is free for Android, iOS and Windows.

2. Amazon Kindle

For people who read books diversely, Amazon Kindle, with its large and diverse library, is just what you need. Amazon Kindle prides itself for being the ebook reader app that offers the largest number of books are free. And even if the book you’re looking for is not free, there’s still every chance you’re going to find here. This feature has made the app most popular among the phone and tablet readers. The app is free and available on both Android and iOS. However, the charges of the books may vary.

3. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is the ideal app with the best interface and visual effects that will make you feel like you’re reading a real book. The ebook reader has more than a dozen themes to customise your experience according to your likes and make your reading a more personalised experience. Moreover, it supports a wide variety of formats of ebooks, including comics. What more could a reader have asked for? The app is free for Android and iOS. However, you can pay $4.99 if you want to get rid of the advertisements.

4. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko is like a grandfather app to all the newer ebook reader apps. Although developed earlier than the other apps, there’s barely anything it lacks in its features or interface. Its library looks like a vintage wooden bookshelf, and that’s exactly how the reading experience on the app is like: vintage. It supports all major formats of the ebook. It takes lesser space, for it will not download an ebook until you manually do it. This free ebook reader app for Android and iStore can be bought for $4.99 for the removal of advertisements. 

5. FB Reader

For readers using all types of gadgets, including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Linux and other processors, FB Reader is a one-stop ebookreader app. It provides an interface that is relatively simple and easier to use. The app supports all major formats and can open books in more languages than other ebook reader apps. The app is free and syncs your library using Google Drive.

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