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MMO Role Playing games mean Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games which are often called as MMORPGs . It is a kind of video game that allows the players to travel in the virtual world in an avatar of their choice. The players can connect and interact with many other players simultaneously through the internet and take tests against them. There should be a strong internet connection to play these games without any hindrance. 

In the Role-Playing games, the player can choose his own character and play the role of that character in the virtual world. We all know that for playing unstoppable games on Laptop we need to make sure that the laptop works properly and has to do its service regularly. So if you want to fix any problem in your laptop you can visit hp laptop service center in delhi.

There are a large number of MMO Role-Playing games to play, but it is advisable to go with the free ones before choosing the paid ones. Below is the list of 5 Best free MMO Role Playing games that you can start with: 

1. Star Wars – The Old Republic

You should give a try to this one if you have ever been a Star Wars fan. The game is played in the Star Wars Universe. It brings a wide range of players on the Virtual Universal Platform. The players can also explore the game single handedly rather than depending on the other team players to move ahead in the game. This benefits the players because they can complete the raids even if the other players are not levelling up along with them. It has proved to be one of the best free MMO Role-playing games in the gaming world because of its popularity among the players. The game is supported in the Windows Format. Download the game here: 

2. Rift

Rift is one of the most successful Role-Playing Games with various subtle twists. The the game is based in “Telara”, the fantasy and magical world. The player battles against the evils, the invaders and has to explore the vast planes for existence. There are endless adventures in the game that the players will come across while playing. Rift offers an authentic MMO Role-Playing game experience to the players with some really interesting twists and turns which creates suspense and thrill in the minds of the players Download the game here: 

3. Guild Wars 2

The game is set in the world of Tyria. It offers a huge world for the player to either explore alone or with a group of friends. The dynamic action-based mechanism makes it interesting to level up in the game and a bit different from the other monotonous MMO Role playing games. It is a praiseworthy game with the easiest to understand mechanics The Guild Wars 2 has become one of the most interesting MMO Role Playing Games in no time because of its unique set of features. Download the game here: 

4. RuneScape

It is the most popular MMO Role Playing game in the world with more than 250 million accounts. There are new quests that are introduced to the player every week with an interesting scenario behind the game. This makes the game more interesting and keeps the players glued to it. It is an open-ended game which allows the players to choose their own path to move forward in the game. It also offers a huge variety of playstyles like fishing, relaxing, mining, cooking, etc. Also, it provides a good chatroom for the players. The game is named in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most popular free MMO Role Playing Game. The quests and level ups are quite easier as compared to the other MMO Role-Playing games which makes it more interesting and keeps the players more motivated to play the game. Download the game here : 

5. Secret World Legends

The Secret World Legends was once known as The Secret World. The game is based in the modern world which is filled with Evils, Zombies, Cults, Ghosts, Demons and Devils. It also allows the players to virtually travel to places like New York, Seoul, etc. and explore certain things. It is filled with quests and puzzles that will brainstorm you and will keep you entangled in a series of mysteries. The game also offers unique weapons to fight the evils and create havoc within a fraction of seconds. The game has a unique range of creatures, classes, levels and skills which makes it even more interesting for the players. It also has a dramatic storyline to avoid boredom and keep the players engaged with the game. Download the game here : 


There should be a strong internet connection for playing MMO Role-playing Games. There are many other good MMO Role-Playing games, but the above given games have the capability to stand out as compared to any other games. These games are really promising and some of the most successful and interesting free to play MMO Role-playing games that one should try out. 

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