Definition of Fully Managed VPS Web Hosting Server

Definition of Fully Managed VPS Web Hosting Server

Feb 25, 2021, 1:54:02 PM Tech and Science

The development of websites on the internet is on the top of the curve today. Many kinds of the website have become the indicator that people are aware of how magnificent internet is. Internet is the real something that able to make people developed far beyond what it was imagined before. The restriction of time and place is no longer can stop people in making communicating and even conducting economic activities like selling and buying by the internet. Hence, many people are competing for one and another to creating the most brilliant website to make it able to hook more visitors to their website and increase the popularity or income.

VPS hosting server is the ideal website hosting server among the rest of the hosting services else in the world, such as a dedicated server, cloud hosting, shared hosting, and colocation. Many people are also using and proud in suing VPS hosting server due to its capability to provide the best and fastest ever performance in website hosting activity, especially if VPS hosting service is compared with colocation hosting service, shared, and cloud hosting service. VPS has the subtypes under its services named SSD VPS hosting service, unmanaged VPS hosting service, cloud hosting service, and the fully managed hosting service. 

This article is going to talk further about VPS hosting service, especially the managed VPS hosting service. In detail, you will find information about fully managed VPS hosting, such as the definition of fully managed VPS, the reason for choosing the fully managed VPS hosting services, and the answer to a question related to managed VPS hosting service. Let’s move to the below section to gain the comprehended information.

What is managed VPS hosting?

Before we get down to the definition of managed VPS hosting service, it is better to discuss the definition of VPS hosting first. It is to recall your memory about VPS hosting and make it easier to follow the scheme of information that will be provided to you regarding the managed VPS hosting service.

VPS is Virtual Private Server. VPS has a meaning as the virtualized computer on the website hosting server area. What does it mean, and what computer that being virtualized? The virtualized computer is the physical machine that is used as the server on the website hosting, or you can say it as the virtualized server computer in VPS hosting service. 

Since the VPS is copying the physical computer on the server of the VPS hosting service, the virtualized computer is able to perform the exact capability and performance that similar to the physical machine on the VPS server.

You can do any procedures related to computing activity in the virtualized VPS server such as installing software, changing software, and uninstalling software. In some cases, the clients are also allowed to change the operating system that available in the virtualized computer on the VPS hosting server. 

VPS server can give you the best and fastest performance ever because you will get the dedicated resource that you can use alone to optimize your website hosting purpose. You will also grant full-root access that allows you to make the changes and improvements to your virtualized computer on VPS hosting service. By that features, the security of your files and data on its database is 99.99% secure from any trouble since you can manage the software to optimize the security aspect and have the dedicated resource to minimize the chance to be attacked.

Now let’s move to the managed VPS hosting service. What has fully managed VPS hosting? Managed VPS hosting is a subcategory from the VPS hosting service that brings you the additional features named managed VPS. In the managed VPS hosting service, you will gain the extra hands or assistance from the IT experts’ team that officially provided from the VPS hosting server provider from the very start you use the managed VPS hosting server. The team will help you in managing the whole processes in the VPS hosting service, starting from the maintenance, audit, problem solving, and ensuring the security of your VPS hosting server. Managed VPS service is perfect for you if you have limited time in managing the server or have the limited skill, experience, and knowledge in IT areas.

Why choose a managed VPS?

Managed VPS hosting service is the best VPS service ever that provides the comprehended services starting from the dedicated resource, full-root access, virtualized computer, and also the assistance that officially provided by the managed VPS provider. The expert that assists you will focus on helping to manage the VPS hosting service, held the maintenance, and assist in the security of your website hosting service. You can also get the report about your website’s performance audit that will be provided regularly. 

Are all VPS hosting plans managed?

To answer the question, all of the services under the VPS hosting plan is not fully managed. For example, it is an unmanaged VPS hosting service. On an unmanaged website hosting service, you will just rent the VPS hosting service component without getting any assistance in managing or running the unmanaged VPS hosting server. You can make an analogy such as if you are renting a flat. Whenever you are renting a flat, you will only get the space that you have already expect before taking it for your purpose. To make the interior arrangement, fill the furniture, and fix the problems like leaking pipes, changing the lamp, and so on, you have to do it yourself. If you want some extra hand in helping you manage your flat, you can call the room service or the company to help you with electricity or home design. It is similar to unmanaged VPS. You are working alone, and whenever you need IT experts, to handle something beyond your capacity, you have to find them and hire them by yourself.

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