Essential Tips For Office Carpet Cleaning During This Pandemic

Essential Tips For Office Carpet Cleaning During This Pandemic

Sep 8, 2021, 1:58:16 PM Life and Styles

Across the country, facility managers have become cleaning gurus over the past few months. Cleaning and disinfecting now have a new urgency that simply didn't exist before because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Different surfaces require different cleaning methods, and the team has learned this. No matter the situation, carpet is a complex surface to clean: Muddy feet step on it, coffee gets spilled on it, and food crumbs accumulate.

A dirty carpet, especially during the pandemic, is a big no-no as it traps pathogens like bacteria and viruses. So, to help you. Here are a few quick tips for cleaning your carpets using carpet cleaning suppliers.

1. Carpets can only be sanitized, not disinfected.

A clean surface is not the same as a sanitized surface, and the disinfected surface is not the same as a sanitized surface. There are some distinct differences between these terms, even though they are often used interchangeably.

Any surface that is going to be sanitized or disinfected must be cleaned first with the help of carpet cleaning chemicals. It prevents pathogens from hiding under layers of dirt and dust. As far as carpet cleaning is concerned, this is accomplished by removing the loose soil and other substances, such as paint or tar, before deep cleaning and disinfecting using upholstery cleaning products.

2. Choose The Right Vacuum And Carpet Cleaning Suppliers For Carpet Care.

You must select the right vacuum for your needs to keep your carpet clean and healthy. The use of a dual-motor upright vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter system is vital to the fight against COVID-19.

It is easier to remove dirt and debris buried deep in the carpet when using upright vacuums because the vacuum's weight rests directly over the surface being cleaned in the carpet. For ease of use and mobility, choose backpacks or canisters vacuums that have HEPA filtration. Don’t forget to use carpet cleaner detergent after vacuuming.

In contrast to standard filters, HEPA filters trap airborne dust, allergens, and pathogens, including viruses. To prevent pathogens from spreading from one place to another, it's important to change filters as recommended by the manufacturer. You can get all your carpet cleaning supplies from the team at Cleancare Australia.

3. Deep Clean Your Facility With Upholstery Cleaning Products Regularly

Even the best vacuum cleaner available will not remove 100 percent of dirt and debris from carpets when vacuumed regularly. The maximum they can do is about 80%

When the leftover 20% of your carpet isn't cleaned using carpet cleaner detergent, the dirt and debris embed into the fibers, which causes your carpet to look older faster.

According to a standard recommendation, high traffic areas should be deep cleaned monthly with carpet cleaning chemicals, medium-traffic areas need to be deep cleaned 3-4 times annually with carpet cleaner detergent, and low traffic areas should be deep cleaned once or twice a year with upholstery cleaning products.

4. Don't Allow Dirt To Accumulate On The Carpet Surface

Food and drinks are usually consumed during lunch breaks at the office by most employees. Among the most significant sources of dirt on carpets are foods and beverages. Therefore, it is advisable to dedicate specific eating areas for meals. This will save you from having to clean your carpet again and again.

When Should You Clean And When Should You Disinfect Your Carpets

The removal of contaminants and the reduction of the risk of infection are two benefits of cleaning with carpet cleaning chemicals, soap, or detergent.

Cleaning once a day is usually sufficient when people with COVID-19 have not been in space, and no confirmed or suspected cases of the illness are known. This will eliminate any virus on surfaces and contribute to maintaining a healthy facility.

By treating surfaces with carpet cleaning chemicals, any remaining germs are killed, reducing the risk of spreading infection. Clean shared spaces more frequently or consider disinfecting with carpet cleaning chemicals (along with cleaning) if they are high-traffic areas.

Cleaning your carpet can be a challenging endeavor. When you hire professionals to clean your carpet, you can deep-clean your carpet, which will prolong its life. Always insist that your carpet cleaning chemicals are purchased from Cleancare Australia to ensure you get the best quality products.

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