FTP Replacement

FTP Replacement

Mar 4, 2021, 11:05:30 AM Tech and Science

Many people have long used the traditional File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to send and share files. Recently, however, they have made a decision to switch to other tools for sending and sharing files as the old FTP reported numerous problems, such as poor security, low cost, inefficiency, lack of reliability, and simplicity. A tool that is now popular is Gladinet Triofox. This tool has become a great FTP replacement.


It offers numerous advantages and unique features. You can pin a local folder to the cloud and then make any of your documents available anywhere and sync the folder's change while maintaining version control of documents that are being created at the same time. Immediately after connecting the local folder to the Triofox, other people can access it using the access control in the management interface. This means that many members of your team have access to the same document in a centrally monitored environment. Specifically, this can be what you want to achieve with traditional FTP innovations.


Quick access to pinned folders requires emphasis as it alleviates one of the weaknesses of cloud migrations. These problems generally occur when a large file transfer needs to be sent to the cloud over a moderately slow internet connection. For example, if a simple 10Mbps upstream connection can't send more than 5GB in an hour, what about the 10TB upload? How long will it take? Fortunately, with pinned folders, the number of hours it takes to complete the first upload doesn't determine how long it will take to migrate to the cloud. On the contrary, everything is available quickly, even if the pinned folder's information is synchronized with the cloud in the background.


There are many benefits to using the cloud to send documents. For example, FTP servers need an additional communication network that can be opened via their firewall in order to expand their attack surface. On the other hand, communication in the cloud requires fewer additional systems, as HTTP is used on port 80, which is permitted over many firewalls. Security is further improved because a secure version of HTTP called HTTPS is used on port 443.


In addition to being safer, this tool is affordable, practical, easy to use, and convenient. There is no need to maintain FTP servers on-site, and there are economies of scale that can be combined when the system required for ease of use is centralized. 


With the ability to provide practicality to optimize team collaboration, Gladinet Triofox has the potential to increase efficiency and operation. Other features it provides includes automatic document synchronization, collaboration and secure file transfer. Employees can also view and access documents while working from home or editing files on their phones.

Gladinet Triofox’s is the best and the ultimate solution to simplify the sending, sharing and accessibility of files in order to enhance results and increased productivity of the mobile workforce. 

Published by Alison Lurie


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