Here are some best ways to look more feminine

best ways to look more feminine

Every girl wants to loo girly. Feminine has nothing to do with age. Woman of every age strives to have it because feminine is all about being attractive no matter, to what age group you belong. There are some women who are naturally more feminine while some have to struggle to achieve it. Even if you are not so feminine naturally, you can still manage to look and feel more girly if you follow these tips:

1. Wear appropriate clothes:

Clothing style and fashion for girls and boys are always different. Women should try to wear clothes that can accentuate their body curves. Some women opt for straight and loose clothes that completely cover their femininity. Apart from that, try to choose fabric that is more appropriate for females such as silk, chiffon etc. So, if you manage to make some classy feminine picks, you can kill it with your feminine look.

2. Go for heels instead of joggers:

Joggers might be more comfortable and you always choose them while running to office. However, you should know that wearing heels can bring a lot of difference to your personality in no time. in general, we see women wearing heels when going to some formal events. They also believe that there is no need to wear heels with jeans and trousers. However, it is completely a misconception. No matter what you wear, heels will always compliment it.

3. Give your room a girly look:

In order to look more girly, you need to feel girly. For this purpose, try to make sure that your personal belongings are also girlish. In your bedroom, there should be everything that a woman is supposed to have such as cosmetics, some wall art belonging to females, dressing table and much more. Don’t try to keep a stool in front of a dressing table that will compel you to sit there and do some work on yourself. If you don’t know where to buy a dressing table stool in Australia.  

4. Add girly details to your personality:

Details are what make the personality. Traditionally, females have different details in their clothing and accessories than males to maintain distinction. However, some females cannot maintain distinction and add such details that take them far from femininity. No matter what kind of detail you have, make them girly. If you have tattoo on your body, it should also be what a woman is expected to have. Add laces to your dress even if you wear tees and pants to add female details.

5. Wear the jewellery that is delicate:

Females are another name of delicacy. Everything they own is delicate and this is the reason, they are judged by what they wear. Jewellery is popular among women as well as men. However, jewellery of men is not as delicate as the jewellery of females. In to maintain this difference, wear fragile jewellery. Wear rings and pendants with a delicate stud which is decent and have an exquisite design


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