How To Make A DIY Single Bed For Your Furniture Upgrade

How To Make A DIY Single Bed For Your Furniture Upgrade

Feb 15, 2021, 11:33:33 AM Life and Styles

A hand-crafted wooden bed frame is a phenomenal, financially savvy approach to transform a room. You can give your room an extraordinary mechanical look and save a lot by doing it without anyone's help.


Step 1. Cut your timber to size

This DIY is for a single bed. You can create yours any measurement you want. You can have the wood for the side braces, middle support, and the plywood base pre-cut at your local woodworks. Here's our cut list for this project:


1200mm x 2400mm x 17mm ply board:

  • 1060mm x 2000mm x 1
  • 140mm x 137mm x 6

90mm x 45mm pine:

  • 1860mm x 2
  •  690mm x 3


Step 2. Mark out the frame for the braces

Line up the pieces for your casing together. Measure the length of the side supports and imprint the midpoint. Spot your middle support on this imprint


Step 3. Fix the braces and support

Utilize the a nail gun to tie down the side backings to the center support. Rehash the interaction on the opposite side. If vital, utilize a square to ensure the bed frame is square. The final measurements of the frame will be 1860mm x 780mm. 

You can always get a ready pre-made bed. If you are not the hard-working type, you can find some great Single Beds & Single Bed Frames at Luxo Living.


Step 4. Secure the plywood blocks to the base

Put the plywood base on the workbench; at that point, place the plywood blocks in each corner. For the middle squares, measure your base to locate the center and spot your squares on one or the other side. Apply PVA wood paste to every pressed wood square and press them onto the base. 


Step 5. Attach the caster wheels

Spot a castor wheel on a pressed wood block. Utilize the drill and four hex head screws to get the haggle square to the base. Rehash this for each of the six castor wheels.


Step 6. Attach the plywood base to the frame

You will require somebody to help you with this progression. Spot the edge on top of two sawhorses. Have somebody help you lift the compressed wood base on to the highest point of the casing. Ensure it's focused and flush with the closures. Fasten it by driving the screws into the closures of the casing and the center help shaft.


Step 7. Sand the base

Before you sand back the surface, clay up any openings where the screws are, let the clay dry, and sand back the entire surface so that it's smooth.


Step 8. Finish off the bed frame

Contingent upon the look you need, you can paint or stain your bed outline. If it's not too much trouble, trust that the paint or stain will dry before moving it into your room.



You do not need to always spend big bucks every time you want to upgrade your living space furniture. You can always do it yourself, and now you know how to do it.



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