Raise a Glass to These Gifts for Beer Lovers

Raise a Glass to These Gifts for Beer Lovers

Oct 21, 2021, 4:19:35 AM Life and Styles

There is no stronger relationship between a beer lover and their favorite beer, whether it's the tiniest of microbrews or a simple, no-fuss Budweiser. There are few feelings more satisfying than the first drink of sparkling fantastic beer after a particularly trying day. There's a good chance you have someone on your holiday buying list who values the beer-drinker relationship above all else.

Sure, you can purchase your loved one a unique gift for drinkers. We've done the homework for you and combed the internet for the most unique beer-themed gifts for beer lovers of all budgets. Make the beer drinker in your life extra happy by giving them one of our best selections from the list below.


1. Vintage Viking Drink Horns

This beer gift is ideal for a beer lover, whether he likes Norse Mythology, Game of Thrones, Vikings, or just a beer served in an authentic Viking Drinking Horn. This tankard is created with the highest care and has a non-toxic and safe interior covered with 100 percent food-safe lacquer. The natural finish on this medieval-inspired stein cup is carved from a solid piece of horn.


2. Beeropoly

Who'd have guessed there could be such a thing as a drinking competition? Beeropoly encourages players to drink their way through various beer challenges, ranging from rhyming contests to show their greatest dancing skills. Your drinking companions take turns rolling the dice (included) and sliding their bottle cap pieces around the attractive pine wood board.


3. Personalized Bottle Puck Openers

This is the ideal present for the hockey fan in your life. With this unique personalized bottle opener, you can show him how much he means to you. With this genuine puck in his hand, he can almost feel like he's out on the ice. It has an inbuilt magnet and would bring a grin to any hockey fan's face when they unwrap it.


4. Shower Beer Holder

With this Shower Beer Holder, he may enjoy his beer while showering! This unique silicone pattern adheres to any shiny tile (or surface). It's a step higher than squeezing cans into your caddy or strewing them around the tub, which exposes them to water splashes and slides. While you tidy up for a dinner party or a night out with pals, it stores the alcohol.


5. Beverage Tailgate Hoodie

This isn't your average hoodie! This beer-themed present comes with a built-in neoprene koozie and a metal bottle opener inside the front pouch pocket, which he will undoubtedly appreciate. This sweatshirt is composed of a 50/50 blend of high-quality soft cotton and polyester. Colors are available in a variety of hues.


6. Glass-Bottom Tankards

Glass-bottomed tankards date back to the 1800s, making them ideal gifts for beer enthusiasts who enjoy pretending to be like the beer drinkers of the past with vintage glass. As a present, he'll appreciate this traditional tankard filled with his favorite beer. It's made of beautiful Sheffield English pewter, so you can be sure it's genuine and durable. The bottom glass is so transparent that it will appear missing until you pour beer into the tankard.


7. Dice and Roll

Dice and Roll is packed with laughs and, more importantly, his favorite alcoholic beverages. This board game includes the board and six caps and dice, so all he needs now are some drinks and pals! This game will give him hours and hours of beer-fueled entertainment, and he will cherish all the beautiful memories he will create while playing it.


8. Movable Beer Crate

Because humans only have two hands, carrying many beer bottles at once can be challenging. When two beers aren't enough, a beer caddy is required. Buy this lovely wooden beer tote for the beer connoisseur in your life so they can transport their brews correctly and safely. It doubles as a stunning décor piece when it's not transporting beer, making it an even better present for beer fans.


9. Pong on the Wall

Beer pong is a popular drinking game but bringing out the foldable table every time you want to play may be inconvenient. This wall-mounted version is easy to use and saves space.


Stick the adhesive tabs to the Wall, fasten the metal brackets, and fill the cups with your favorite beer. Grab a friend and start playing!


10. The Beer Bible.

The Beer Bible is a comprehensive reference to the world's ales and beers, grouped into the four prominent families - ales, lagers, wheat beers, and sour or wild ales — exactly like any decent bar menu should be!


In Cheersall, you get all these options and many more to pick from just so you can give the best gift to your beer lover including beer glasses, deck department gifts, engine room and socks.




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