Reasons to go for career counselling for students:

Reasons to go for career counselling for students:

Aug 18, 2021, 5:36:33 AM Life and Styles

Career counselling is what we all need at some point in life when we struggle to choose a career that that is right for us. Students these days are blessed enough to have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a career. However, having abundant career options has also left them bewildered and they are unable to decide on which field they should choose. Finally, they end up choosing a field that is suggested by their friends and family members giving no importance to their intuition. We can incorporate career counselling in our life only if we come to know its potential benefits and some reasons:

To get clear career goals:

Students are generally at the entry-level of their career and this is where they are required to set goals. They can set better and realistic goals only if they are clear about them. When students go for career counselling, they get an opportunity to understand their personality and become more informed. Even when a student needs a transition in his career, he is required to have a coach who can counsel him well. We can see different institutions working to better counsel students. Life coach training with the Life Coaching College is also working to guide students to choose the right career.

To make appropriate financial decisions:

It has become a common practice for students to take a loan to complete their studies. By the end of their study course, they feel overwhelmed with the burden of loans. This leads them to choose a career that can help them pay off their loan quickly and they completely forget about the career that inspires them. Career counseling is a key process that enables the students to learn how effective it would be to choose the right career instead of going for something to aid themselves in loan repayment

To determine your weakness and strength:

To choose any career, self-awareness is very important. Students are introduced to their strengths and weaknesses that help them know in which field they can do well. Some career counsellors also take IQ and aptitude tests of the students to better understand their potential and to be in a position where they can guide them appropriately. The counsellors also guide students regarding working on their weak areas to improve them and exploring areas where they need improvement 

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