5 Reasons Why You Need to Seal Coat Your Driveway

5 Reasons Why You Need to Seal Coat Your Driveway

Jan 11, 2022, 3:45:17 PM News

Homeowners spend hundreds of dollars on house improvements, yet many overlook their driveway. Driveway landscaping is essential since it sets the tone for your home's exterior.

Have you checked your driveway recently? Seal coating is the most excellent option if it's damaged and crumbling. It's a cheap method to make your driveway look brand new. Like a regular paint job, seal coating protects your driveway and saves you money in the long term. Also, seal coating your driveway every two to three years can keep it solid and appealing.

Below are five more reasons you need to seal coat your driveway.

1. Protects Your Driveway from the Sun's Damaging Effects

The sun's UV rays can increase the oxidation of your asphalt. Also, the sun damages and alters its structure, producing stability and endurance issues. Since most driveways are well exposed, they need extra protection like a sealer. Seal coating is like sunscreen. It fills the surface holes and protects the asphalt from the sun throughout the year.

2. Prevents High Repair Costs

If your driveway or parking lot is not sealed, it's exposed to weather elements. Over time, this will cause the development of cracks and potholes. It's costly to fix, and you may need a new parking lot or driveway sooner than intended.

So, seal coating your driveway might save you money on future repairs. It requires less time and is not as costly. Remember that if neglected, asphalt paving would need a replacement. This causes inconvenience and more expenses. 

3. Avoids Damage from Fluids

Asphalt is made of petroleum products that can dissolve in oil, water, and gasoline. As such, these fluids can weaken the surface and cause fractures and cracks. While spills can be brushed off, improving your driveway with seal coating is better.

Driveway sealing repels these destructive liquids. Thus, it can extend your driveway's durability.

4. Keeps Asphalt Looking New and Beautiful

The sooner you seal your driveway, the easier it would be to clean it later. A quick brush sweep or hose down will make your driveway look brand new. It is also easy to maintain your driveway clean.

Seal coating is also applied in a dark black shade, which improves the look of your driveway and property. It also offers a non-porous surface for the rain to wipe away dirt and debris. Thus, it keeps your driveway a lot tidier.

5. Enhances Pavement Quality

Your driveway can last much longer if you seal coat it. Seal coating creates a smooth and crack-free driveway. This, in turn, will extend the durability of the pavement. 

This is a win for you if you're planning to sell your home or property. A lovely driveway will make for a better curb appeal.

For the reasons stated above, you must seal coat your asphalt every two to three years. Seal coating protects your asphalt surface until you apply another layer. 

Driveway sealing services can make a big difference in your driveway’s appearance. So, try out Seal-A-Drive driveway sealing services today. Seal-A-Drive is a reputable seal coating company that provides professional and affordable services. They can do the job right for you.

Published by Alison Lurie

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