8 Style Tips for Mixing and Matching your Ripped Jeans

8 Style Tips for Mixing and Matching your Ripped Jeans

Jan 22, 2022, 5:25:07 AM Life and Styles

Are you a fan of ripped jeans for men at La Haute? If so, it's possible that you've noticed how easy it is for a pair of ripped jeans to seem like they don't match. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Mixing and matching your ripped, distressed jeans with other items in your closet can be a great way to add some variety to your wardrobe.

Denim isn't just a fabric, it's a way of life. There are so many different styles of denim-- from boot cut to slim fit, to skinny jeans and skinny ankle jeans. The possibilities are endless! When you have so many options, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. To save yourself the headache, we've compiled our favorite tips for wearing your ripped jeans.

Here at The Denim Hound, we believe that mixing and matching your ripped jeans is an art form. We've created a simple guide to help you create the perfect look that fits your personality! Just follow these 5 easy steps:

1.   Find the Right Fit

It's important that you find the right fit when trying to mix match your ripped jeans. A good pair of ripped jeans should hit right above the ankle. Wearing them any higher than that can make you look like a popstar from the 90s, which isn't exactly what you're going for. If the fit isn't right, it will throw off any other pieces you're pairing with them, so it's important to make sure they fit well before moving on to step two!

2.   Match the Rips

Mixing and matching rips in your jeans is a great way to personalize your style. Mixing in one or two rips from other pairs of jeans, or even ripping the same pair of jeans in different places can add some flare to your basic denim wardrobe.

Make sure that the rips are on the same leg though. You want to avoid wearing one ripped leg with another pair of non-ripped pants or shorts as this will make you look disheveled and sloppy.

3.   Add Contrasting Pieces

Adding contrasting pieces like shirts, jackets, and shoes is a great way to mix up the look of your ripped jeans. Choose pieces that are similar in color but have different materials. For example, pairing a light-colored cotton shirt with dark denim jacket will work well together.

4.   Choose the Right Top

When it comes to tops, there is no limit to your options! Just be sure that whatever top you choose won't cause too much attention from others, as this will just distract from the fabulousness of your ripped jeans. Choosing tops that match the color of your jeans is always a good idea.

5.   Choose colors that go well together.

For example, if your jeans are light blue, try wearing them with a dark blue shirt or even dark brown shoes. The same goes for light brown hair; instead of wearing it with black shoes, try light brown ones instead.

6.   Avoid colors that are too similar.

For instance, if you're wearing ripped jeans with yellow pants or maybe even yellow shoes, then it's best to avoid colors like white for your top since they're too similar and will clash horribly with each other.

7.   Accessories

Choose accessories that give off the same vibe as your ripped jeans like oversized belt buckles or chunky jewelry. Things like scarves can also add some extra pizazz to an otherwise casual outfit while staying appropriate for warmer weather. Don't forget about accessories! If you're wearing ripped jeans with an outfit that has colors that don't necessarily match each other.

8.   Shoes

Go for shoes that have an edgy vibe similar to the jeans themselves. This means boots and flats both works well here. Try pairing them up with heels or wedge sandals for an even bolder look.

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