What Is Perforated Paper?

What Is Perforated Paper?

Sep 2, 2021, 1:09:55 PM News

Are you having trouble understanding the name? Surely you are wondering what this paper is about. No worries, you will be shocked to see how often you come across this type of paper in your daily life. You have certainly come across this kind of paper during your school or college or even in your mail. Okay, we will break the excitement and give you a hint of the type of paper we are talking about. Have you ever come across ‘tear across the dotted line' in your life? Sounds very familiar right? Yes, this is perforated paper! Even your toilet paper is torn easily because of the dotted lines. Strange how frequently we see and touch it but know very little about it, isn't it? Don't worry. We've got your back out here. We will now give you deep insight into perforated paper.

What is perforated paper?

What does perforated even mean? For those of you who can brag about your vocabulary, this should be an easy question for you. Perforation means to pierce and make holes. Well, with the hint given above, you should guess what this particular kind of paper is all about. So, just as the name suggests, perforated paper is simply a sheet of paper that has perforated lines of very tiny holes punched into the sheet. These lines are made of microscopic holes, making it easy for someone to tear a portion of the paper away neatly. All you have to do is gently fold the part of the paper that needs to be torn and pull it away. And voila!

Types of perforated paper

As we know that perforation allows part of sheets to be separated, let us now look at the types of perforated papers. The two basic kinds of perforated papers are the ones having micro and macro perforations.

It is as simple as it sounds: micro-perforated paper has smaller holes compared to the macro one. The micro-perforated sheet contains 30 perforations or holes per inch of the paper. In comparison, the macro-perforated (also known as sub-perforated) sheet has 12 holes per inch. This kind of paper is sturdier in texture and thus can withstand more usage than the micro one.

Uses of perforated paper

So, where is a perforated paper used? Almost everywhere!

Several financial institutions, accounting organizations, insurance companies, utility firms, printing service providers, and educational institutions use and benefit from such a sheet of paper. A sheet of perforated paper serves to suit numerous business applications. It also helps save time and money (we all know the high opportunity cost of time in today’s world).

As mentioned above, the business applications of perforated paper are just too many. One can use this kind of paper to suit varied purposes. Perforated paper is usually used in statements, notebooks, legal pads, cheque books, invoices, notices, direct mail, various event tickets, coupons, booklets, forms, and more. The list is endless. Industries usually prefer to custom perforated design paper to meet their requirements specifically.

Benefits of Perforated Labels

1. Easy and Tidy

The labels are easier and tidier to be peeled apart. This is extremely useful when you are printing batches of one kind of label as they can be grouped together to increase the level of efficiency. Furthermore, the safety of the employees at work is improved as they do not have to use equipment like knives, scissors, or cutters.

2. Flexibility of usage

As the backing paper is attached to these labels, they can be used for multiple purposes. If you do not wish to stick them on anything, they can be used as tags as well. This serves to be cost-efficient for any organization as one label can meet several business purposes.

3. Store quickly and safely

Due to the perforations, the label rolls can be easily folded and stored. This feature allows it to be stored securely and will ensure that the labels are not damaged or crushed.

 4. More Consistency

Labels that are printed perforated paper will have lesser inconsistencies as they will be printed in batches. This means that the labels receive a more professional appearance.

5. Tamper proofing

Labels can be used in various forms to ensure that caution is maintained when using a specific product. For instance, perforated paper can be used as cautionary advisory labels; this is particularly important for medical professionals. Furthermore, perforations can also be used to produce pharmacy labels or pharmacy dispensing labels, depending on the purpose.

Where to buy the best perforated paper labels in Australia?

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If you want to purchase online labels Australia, go nowhere else, Vision Supply is the best choice that you can make. You will not regret trusting them by ordering your labels online.

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