5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Change Your Whole Look

5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Change Your Whole Look

Dec 16, 2021, 7:19:14 AM Life and Styles


Getting up, getting ready and going to work day after day, we develop some kind of a routine that we do every day. And then one day you realize that you feel like being in a rut. You somehow start perceiving your look as dull and even boring. This kind of perception can have a negative impact on your self-confidence, and that’s why you should be proactive about making some adjustments. What you need to stop feeling like that is a change - you need to spruce up your looks. Even the tiniest changes will help you feel better about yourself.


So, you can start by trying some new outfits. Donate some of your old clothes and buy some new pieces; if you always wear pants, change them up for a skirt or a dress. The next small (but also big) change can be about your hairstyle. In order to have healthy, glowing and fresh-looking skin, you should take special care of it. Our smile is also an important part of our appearance and that’s why we should be mindful of it. And finally, you should always complement your outfit with some accessories. And good shoes - Australians have gone crazy for quality and fashionable Tony Bianco shoes! 


1.  Try new outfits

One of the easiest ways to change your whole look is to change the clothes you usually wear. You can go shopping and buy some new pieces of clothing. Buy clothes in colours that suit you and perhaps even consider wearing some new colour that you haven’t worn so far. It’s always good to go for the classics: pencil skirts, bodycon dresses, structured blazers and classic pants. Just so you know, to spice up your looks, you don’t even have to buy (a lot of) new clothes. Instead, you can try wearing the clothes you have in a different way. Try out some new combinations. Remember that all the clothes you wear should be well-fitted, clean and ironed, without loose threads.

2.  Consider changing your hairstyle

When we find a certain hair look or a hairstyle that works for us, we usually tend to stick to it for a long time. One of the surest ways to change how you look is by changing your hairstyle. If you always style your hair in a specific way or always wear it down, you should consider doing something else for a refreshed look. Search online for some ideas. There are plenty of things you can do: you can iron it, curl it, make an updo or braid it. You can also cut it a bit and go for a completely new hairstyle. Or you can even change your hair colour for a more dramatic change. What you should be mindful of is how you take care of it. For the most optimal results, you should nurture it with organic and quality products. So, to ensure that you can visit an organic hair salon in Sydney, New York, London, or wherever you live.

3.  Take special care of your skin

As the skin is the biggest organ we have, it’s only logical that we need to devote some time to taking care of it. Dull and flaky skin can make us look, well - the same, dull. For glowing skin, you should pamper your skin every day and week. You should have a skincare routine. It should consist of morning and evening ones. Before you go to bed, you should remove your makeup with a mild makeup remover, then you should use a cleanser to cleanse your face. Afterwards, you should apply a serum and when the skin absorbs it, then a night cream for your skin type. In the morning, you should start with washing your face, cleansing it and applying day cream.

4.  Whiten your teeth

Smile is an essential aspect of how people perceive us. And we can’t smile so much if we don’t like how our teeth look. So, to smile more and boost your self-confidence, you should deal with your teeth. Visit a dentist, fix everything that needs to be fixed and perhaps consider whitening your teeth. Rare are people who have perfect teeth and beautiful smiles.

5.  Complement your outfit with accessories

There are plenty of accessories we can wear. The typical ones are jewellery, a watch, bags, scarves - to name just a few. Don’t go overboard with jewellery, you’ll end up looking kitsch. To avoid that, find out more about how to wear pearl jewellery, silver and gold jewellery as well as statement jewellery.


You can spruce up your looks and up your game with these few simple and easy tips and tricks concerning your appearance. Some of them can be fone instantly, while for some you need time to consider what to do and to achieve a certain effect.




Published by Alison Pearson

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