What to Wear to a House Party?

What to Wear to a House Party?

Oct 21, 2021, 5:22:32 AM Life and Styles

When you are going to house parties, you don't know what you are getting yourself into until you come. Will it be just a party with your closest friend or will it be a full-on rager? No matter what the case is, figuring out what you will wear is something that we all struggle with, especially when there are no instructions. You don't want to be overdressed or underdressed when you come to a party, you want to look amazing. If you're struggling to find the perfect outfit for the party, here are some tips that can help you make the right decisions. 

Choose Your Footwear Smartly

Not a lot of people think about it, but footwear is one of the most important things that you need to think about. It will not only make or break your outfit, but it will play a big role in how much fun you will have. If you go for super high heels, you are not likely going to dance the night away. The safest bet is some comfortable yet stylish shoes.

Stay Away From Super Tight Clothes

When you are going to a house party, you are probably going to be sitting down for the most part or dancing and mingling. Therefore, don't put on skin-tight clothes as they can be very uncomfortable and scratchy. One of the best things that you can wear is some comfy but nice-looking jeans paired with a cute top. Since you are choosing simple pieces, make sure that you are spicing things up with different colours and textures as well as some stylish accessories.

Floral Skirts

For those who don't know what theme the party is, one of the best and safest things that you can choose to wear are floral skirts. Pair up a soft crop top and a cute floral skirt. Choose a light that you feel most attractive in.

Cropped Jeans

If you are someone who just likes to be comfy and casual, there is nothing wrong with going with some cropped jeans and a nice graphic tee. But what will make your outfit party worth is the accessories that you are going to spice it with? Choose dainty layered jewellery, but make sure that you are cleaning it, no one wants to see discoloured, dirty jewellery. That is why you need to regularly do ultrasonic cleaning so it's shiny and amazing. Finish the look off with some cool shoes.

Pastel Dress

For a fancier house party, one of the safest things that you can go with is a nice pastel dress. It will make you look put together and adorable. Once again pair it with your best jewellery and a nice handbag and a pair of fancy shoes.

A Button-Down Skirt

If you are not sure if you should dress fancy or casually, why not go with something in the middle? A button-down A-line skirt will not only complement almost every single body type because it will accentuate your curves. You can dress it up or dress it down. To dress it up choose oxfords and a nice shirt or a cardigan and to dress it down pair it with speakers and a plain crop top.

Have Some Fun With Shimmer

Another idea for people who like to be adventurous and always be noticed, the best thing that you can wear to a house party is a piece of clothing that will be blingy. But keep in mind that you should always choose just one piece of clothing that will be a statement as it can be too much if you combine it. Just make sure that your piece of clothing won’t leave sparkles all over somebody's apartments.

Don’t Over Dress

There is nothing more uncomfortable when you come to the party in a cocktail dress and everyone else is wearing something casual. But if you want to go for a cocktail dress, why not dress it down with a casual tee over it or some simple sneakers.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you like your outfit and that you are feeling as confident as possible no matter how fancy or casual your outfit is. Make do with clothes that you already own, don't waste money and buy clothes that you will wear only once, what you wear is more than just fashion

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