How to Keep Your Marriage Strong?

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How to Keep Your Marriage Strong?

Apr 15, 2021, 6:55:36 PM Life and Styles

The “honeymoon” phase in a marriage passes easily and is not meant to last. It’s after this phase everyone comes to realization what marriage actually is. With time you’ll come to the realization that maintaining a married life requires a special set of skills, mindset and an overall character.

Divorces have become common nowadays, some after even few days of marriage. The main reason for this is because not most of our cultures teach us how to maintain and improve a married life with time. So, if you’re in that phase where you think you need to improve your marriage life, here are few tips that can help you out.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help Early

The reason why many marriages get complex is because we let time solve issues that can actually be talked out at an early stage. If you feel you need to bring in some changes to make your marriage happy- talk to people. Talk to a dearest friend, cousin or a family member who is living a healthy marriage. Tell them about your concerns and ask them how to deal with it.

If you feel you can’t trust them with your issues, you can also seek professional help through relationship counselling. This will give you enough privacy and room to share all your thoughts on why you want to improve your marriage. Alongside, as professionals, such services can give you psychologically backed up ways to handle your issues and ways to improve your marriage.

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Soften arguments with kindness

The starting point of many unhappy marriages is arguments that sounds like criticism or a blame game. Avoid saying critical statements or sayings in arguments, especially when discussing sensitive or touchy topics. Express your concerns and needs with a soft tone followed by respect and kindness. Making arguments soft can also make it easy to understand one’s point of view than a loud and harsh argument that makes one overhear what you try to say.

Accept influence from your partner

This is another important tip to improve your marriage, especially for men. Women by nature are well practiced to accept influence from men. Meaning it’seasier for your wife to consider or even listen to what you have to say as a husband. But when it comes to a husband or the male in a marriage, acceptinginfluences seems tough. While this mostly comes with masculine dominant cultural influence, respecting the views of a woman in a marriage and allowing them to influence your thoughts is also important.

Besides respect, it shows that you accept the views and opinions of the other party in a marriage. This acceptance is crucial to establish a sense of belonging in a happy marriage.

Be kind

Last but not the least, is to reflect kindness. Kindness doesn’t take much but is surely powerful enough to improve a marriage. Kindness can be simple as a shoulder rub or making a cup of coffee after a long day at work for your partner. Even some kind and thoughtful words on a bad day or as a way of consoling can make your marriage healthy. It’s believed that small but frequent acts of kindness can act as a key for a happy marriage.

As you can see, the core for improving a marriage comes from resolving even the minor issues at the beginning. Apart from this, kindness, respect, acceptance and enhancing equality in marriage are other strong ways for improving a healthy marriage bond.

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