Sound Of Music

Music is VERY important to me. I am able to admit it openly. I wouldn't be what I am today if it wasn't for music and rhythm today. I wouldn't be able to write. I'd forget what I'd learnt in a minute. I wouldn't be able to sleep peacefully. Music is half of my life. Music, beats, dance, and songs have become such a prominent part of my life, or rather me, that if its not there, I feel kind of empty.

Even if not music, maybe you listen to instruments or play one yourself. I like listening to the soothing notes of a guitar, and Beethoven too. I like the beat of the base drums. I don't like the sound of an electric guitar, but maybe someone else does. All I'm saying is that instruments too play an important part in complimenting your mood, and keeping you refreshed and happy throughout the day.

Even in the middle of tests, I do get a second or two to think that I would practically CRASH if it weren't for music reducing my stress, and keeping my brain from bursting. Think how important music is to you too. I learn Kathak dance, and for one thing, any type of dance would be impossible without rhythm, music, and beats. I guess you have your favorite songs and soundtracks, maybe. Think of your reaction, if they were not available to you. Think how no music would affect your whole purposeful and busy LIFE.

Just think of the millions of people who have chosen music, dance, or singing as their career. Think how music keeps their lives running smooth. And if so many people weren't fond of music today, then nobody would even listen to them, and their lives would be RUINED.

So stop for a moment how music affects you. Think how it gives you a sense of lightheartedness, and how your life would turn somersaults and be a series of ups and downs if it weren't for music. 

Published by Aliyah Banerjee


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