Asphalt Batch Mix Plants

Asphalt Batch Mix Plants

Nov 30, 2021, 9:18:58 AM Business

A must-have for the construction companies these days, an asphalt batch mix plant has many functions. The asphalt has complicated functions which make it different than the drum type plant. The batch mix plant is widely used in various civil constructions.

Asphalt is prepared by mixing sand, stone dust and aggregates in specific ratios to get the correct consistency. This mixture is then heated at high temperature and a specific proportion of bitumen is given in the mixture at a standard temperature and our Asphalt is ready. Also, There are many asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer that are making this task easy.


Asphalt plants are mainly of two types.

batch mix plants: These plant produces hot asphalt in batches.

drum mix plants: These plants also produce asphalt but in a continuous process.

In these plants, the difference is more than the mode of production. The quality of the Asphalt produced in Batch mix plant and Drum mix plant is also different. These plants can also produce asphalt using recycled materials.


How is Asphalt produced?

The Asphalt batch plant manufacturer designs the plant and Asphalt is produced by blending and heating aggregates and liquid ,cement to produce a material that complies to the standard product mix design and job mix formula to ensure that the produced asphalt will have the required characteristic of durability, stability, rut resistance, etc.

The batch mix plant produces Asphalt in batches. Yet a batch mix plant provides great flexibility in the amount of mixture produced and the variety of materials that can be incorporated into one batch. The amount of hot mix asphalt produced in each batch may vary from metric tons to 5.5 metric tons. The batch mix plants usually have a production capacity of up to 350 metric tons.


The various components of a batch mix plant are:

· Feeder: the feeder stores and feeds the cold aggregates.

· Burner: In batch mix plant, the burner is used for drying of aggregates.

· Fuel tank and dryer burner: the fuel tank stores fuel and supplies it to the burner when needed. The dryer burner dries the aggregates.

· Primary scalping screen and charging conveyor: the scalping screen filters oversize materials from the aggregate.

· Pollution control unit: the primary and secondary pollution control unit, collects the heavy and fine particles.

· Asphalt tanks: these tanks stores and heats the bitumen.

· Filler bins: the filler materials are stored in the filler bins, which are later transferred.

· RAP feeder: the RAP feeder feeds the recycled materials.

· Control panel: all the functions of the entire plant are control from the control panel.

· Storage silo: before the hot mix asphalt is dispatched it is stored in the storage silo.

The asphalt batch mixer from Vibrant engineering features many modern and advance technology. These plants, when fed with the right raw materials automatically process all the steps in synchronized order to give you the best quality product for long lasting constructions.

You can check online about the Asphalt plant suppliers in India to more about the companies that manufactures this type of plant and the procedure and other important thing they have to say about the procedure, capacity and the price of the plants.

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