Hot asphalt batching plant – components and features.

Hot asphalt batching plant – components and features.

Feb 16, 2022, 9:17:59 AM Business

All Tech Group is a manufacturer ofhot asphalt batching plants. We have successfully exported many machines of different capacities. This blog is about our recent installation of a 260 tph asphalt mixer and about its components and features. All Tech Group manufactures top quality asphalt batch plants with focus on quality and service. The equipment is designed to be working for long time without breakdown. The use of quality brought out items in the manufacturing enables us to offer the best quality.

Stringent quality norms are followed at each manufacturing stage. In the end, the equipment is sand blasted prior to application of paint. This process allows us to get a plant that is more finished and better looking. When higher quality components are used, the machine tends to perform better. Each component is designed with care, and it works in tandem with other units for a trouble free performance. Better- and high-quality raw materials = better quality and performance.

Components of hot asphalt batching plant 260 tph

All the components of the hot asphalt batching plant are important and crafted with precision. Since this is a tower type batch asphalt plant of 260 tph the components are bigger compared to the other smaller plants of 60 tph, 100 tph, 120 tph or even the 160 tph plants. The components are modular means the plant is easily broken down into different small components for easy installation. This also facilitates easy transportation of the full plant. The key components of this machine are listed as below:

Image:- Batch mix plant suppliers - All tech group5 bin cold aggregate feeder.

Primary vibrating screen and slinger conveyor.

Drying drum

Fuel efficient air atomization burner.

Bag filter with pre-separator

Filler silo with elevator

Hot aggregate elevator

5 deck vibrating screen

5 deck hot bins

Mixing unit

Weighing scales for filler, aggregates and bitumen on tower of hot asphalt plant.

Bitumen storage tanks with thermic heating unit.

Fuel tank for drum burner.

Control panel system

Features of hot asphalt batching plant (asphalt mixer) of 260 tph capacity

There are many strong advantages of All Tech Group hot asphalt batching plant. The asphalt mixer of 260 tph is designed to perform with precision. It is manufactured to produce quality hot mix asphalt as per the desired mix recipe. Some of them are under:

The 5-bin feeding unit is with adjustable push up roller for easy alignment.

The corrugated auxiliary belt avoids material wastage at the site.

Drum unit is supported by EN 350 forged rings.

Bigger trunnion rollers for better drum support.

Low noise air atomization burner

Proven and fuel efficient burner compliments the drum

Hot elevator with dual chain design for prolonged life.

5 or 6 screening decks – upon request of customer

Larger screening area for uninterrupted production.

Bigger hot bins for storing sufficient quantity of aggregates into separate compartments.

Hot bins are thermally insulated for heat retention.

Mixer is supplied by BHS. It is of 3500 kgs. Capacity.

Stringent and proven design of mixer that works smooth.

Aggregate scale size is 4500 kgs.

Filler scale size is 450 kgs.

Image:- Asphalt Batch mix plant manufacture  - All Tech GroupBitumen scale size is 300 kgs.

Bag filter with larger filtration area.

Bag filter has high cleaning efficiency.

Bag house is thermally insulated to keep the bags away from moisture.

Exhauster is heavy and bigger.

It is equipped with a variable frequency drive for efficient operation.

Foreign filler silo provided is of 60 m3 capacity.

Four bitumen tanks of 50 tons each provided with the plant.

Bitumen tanks are heated by a 700,000 thermic heater.

Control cabin is double storey with 2 PC’s on the top floor and all the control boards on the bottom floor.

Both the floors are air conditioned.

High technology cabin with user friendly software.

PLC with SCADA and with Siemens HMI.

Fuel tanks provided are 2 in number for using 2 different fuels. Each tank is of 24,000 liters.

Platform railings and ladders are of high quality with diamond shaped grating and anti-slip design.

Duct line comes with an improved design which is now maintenance free. It also allows free flow of gases.

Some advantages of All Tech Group hot asphalt batching plant, 260 tph

All Tech Group asphalt mixing plantshave proven their advantages and worth with more than 140 installations in 5 years. Below are some of the advantages of the All Tech Grouphot asphalt batching plant of 260 tph. The higher level of acceptance with customers is a proof of our quality product. The higher number of units is also a testimony of low maintenance, better after sales support, low fuel consumption, more savings and superior overall performance.

Few of the core benefits of asphalt mixers by All Tech Groupare as below:

● Structure: Overall structure is heavy with the plant tower unit girders being wider compared to the competition.

It’s advantage: It aids in getting more stability to the machine. The equipment can withstand harsh weather. The machine life will not be affected even after several re-installations.

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