Alright, Who's Been Hiding the MKX Mobile Game From Me?

I've become a big fan of the Mortal Kombat series since MKX came out in 2015. It was a continuation of the Mortal Kombat re-imagining of the franchise in 2011 and I was blown away by the enhanced graphics and the interesting story compared to its predecessor. The story itself was new to me when it came to MK because the last time I'd played the game was on the stand up arcade game in my local roller rink (yes we still had them in the 2000s). As a kid from a not-so-rich household I couldn't get the consoles that the newer games came on so it kind of fell off my radar only for me to become obsessed with the franchise 10 years later. 

2 days ago I found out that WB/Netherealm released a "watered down" version of the game over the summer and, to my phone battery's chagrin, I'm addicted. From what I can tell there isn't a story mode or any of the various and complicated combos and fatalities that we have in the console game but your progress in the console version can get you characters and "kards" in the mobile game. 

The lack of combos does bring it back to the arcade version that I played long ago where the name of the game was button mashing so I can't say I'm upset at the lack of variety of moves. You still get special and powers moves in this game when it comes to kombat so don't fret about getting bored when you're playing. 

The game also features challenges, ladders and faction wars which allows the player to choose how they will spend their characters' energy and though I'm only two days in I'm pretty sure there's a lot to look forward to whether you've played all the games or if this is your first experience. As far as mobile games go, this might be the best I've ever played.

Published by Allison Keairns


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