Mirror's Edge Catalyst DLC Can't Come Soon Enough

Mirror's Edge Catalyst DLC Can't Come Soon Enough

Mirror's Edge Catalyst came out earlier this year after 2 delays and many a fan immediately dove into the game and finished it in a matter of hours. It was a great game. The setting was beautiful, the game play was fun and challenging, and the story was very interesting though it did leave players wanting more. I'd love to revisit it but with the lack of a "new game" feature and bland side quests I don't really have a reason to rather than just replay missions which doesn't really offer anything new.

DICE did take to the internet shortly after the release to see what players wanted from DLC which gave a lot of us hope for a continuation of the  game that we love so much. Other players have also found flashing doors in out-of-bounds areas that look like runners vision which is another clue that EA DICE already have missions laid out on the map for DLC which is also promising. I really do love this game and its predecessor and I will get the DLC as soon as it comes out but I fear that many other players may not be so keen to if it takes too much longer to release. This year is a great year for gaming and I've heard many a player complain about the lack of unique missions outside of the main quest that put them off the game and I don't think they'll return rather than go to another bigger game with more variety. I could be wrong of course and I know game development takes a lot of time but this beautiful and innovative game would be a terrible thing to waste when a lot of players will forget about it or if they're not interested in letting DLC improve their opinion. 

As I said, I love this game to bits and I want it to succeed so at least announcing the DLC would let players know that there is still a lot to look forward to rather than forget it and move on.

Published by Allison Keairns

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