Best To Read On December Part. 1 #Inkitt

Best To Read On December Part. 1 #Inkitt

Dec 3, 2016, 10:23:37 PM Entertainment

Hi dear readers! We are now in December and kicking ourselves to the end of the year 2016.

I've been using the IOS app for Inkitt and it works perfectly fine! If you really like the novels in Inkitt, please give it a try! 

Here are a list of novels that you might enjoy!

1. Vincent Macleod: Agent of T.R.A.C.E by Derek Smith (Adventure/Action)

Hurled into a world of secret agencies, rogue agents and mystery, Vincent Macleod must harness his true power and lead the world to its salvation. Gripping action adventure.

My comment: If you really like it action packed words, give it a go!

2. Deliverance by Christopher Wilson (Drama)

Cast out of an immoral world by unjust actions, follow the intertwining tale of two souls looking for redemption.

My comment: If you like something that is out of the ordinary. Not something vanilla but a thick flavor in taste.  This is the one.

3. The Speaker by Sandra Leigh (Other/Adventure)

The epic adventure of a Native American girl with the ability to converse with animals, yet something much more powerful awaits her off the reservation, something she will have to find herself.

My comment: Adventurous I might say.

4. Blackrock by sammi85 (Thriller/Fantasy)

Dragged into a world of witchery and ancient curses, Kasey suddenly has more than her school plans to worry about. Embark on this fantasy thriller and you might uncover more than you bargained for.

My comment: If you like the good old mysterious thriller adventure, Kasey is the character you should follow!

5. Rougarou: Blood in the Swamp by Ethan Young (Mystery/Horro)

Entangled in a deadly blood-soaked web of conspiracy, Jack Boudreaux must uncover ugly truths in order to survive evils darker than anything imaginable. There will be blood.

My comment: This one reminds me of a movie.. I can't remember the title but it's about a female who killed her husbands. She was also a writer. Just my thoughts, don't mind me.

Do help me to share this list with your friends! They might like them. If you are interested with other lists do check here. I wish you all have a great day! Sorry for the lack of poems for the past few days, I'm not really productive in writing ... Even though I keep writing on my personal blog. :D

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