Best To Read On December Part. 2 #Inkitt

Best To Read On December Part. 2 #Inkitt

Hi everyone!

We are in the second week of December and I believe everyone is in high spirit for Christmas and New  Year! Hoist the flag! Raise the decoration! Play all the Christmas songs!

Also, #Inkitt will be releasing their Android app and will be doing some beta testing. If you want to try and join them. Find them at Inkitt for Android: Beta Testing

If you want to spend your time by reading, be my guess! I have the perfect list on #Inkitt this week! Just so you know this week the fantasy romance kinda filled the air!

So, lets get on to the list!

Alana DeMarchessey, young but fearless leader of the Valkyrie, is torn between defending her kingdom and keeping a deathly secret which could forever change her future, quite possibly killing her..

2. Weight of Fate by KasimmaOkani

Ndiana, the heiress to a pharmaceutical empire in Abuja will stop at nothing to get her husband out of jail. He was framed for a huge theft at the bank where he worked and was convicted and sentenced with five others. 

3. Balance of the World by Jenna Cassie Herdz

Zoey becomes Alice when she tumbles down a secret tunnel under her bed and into Kalina. When Elias Blackwood explains that the Balance of Kalina is threatened, she must face the Mor Witch: Jellina

4. A Girl and a Goblin by Emelie M and Sage O

In a whirlwind of terrifying events, Emelie finds herself in the middle of a world full of horror, mystery, and possibility. Hidden carefully out of human view, can she find a place for herself here?

What happens when a fallen angel who’s forbidden to love falls for a mortal girl?

If you like reading the novel, do share this list with you family and friends! You are reading the future bestsellers!

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