Why A Poet Should Have A Notebook?

Why A Poet Should Have A Notebook?

Mar 8, 2017, 4:52:25 PM Creative

In this modern time, we have our options where and when to write. One can just stare the blinking line when creating a new post. One can just tap the pen in their hand waiting for inspiration. It is all based on individual preferences.

Why should a poet have a notebook then? Why can't they just write everything using the current media? Write them and instantly hit publish! Isn't that convenient?

For some yes, again it is individual preferences.

Let me share with you why I prefer to write them in a notebook first.

The Feel of Pen And Paper

Have you ever imagine the creation of paper and ink changed humanity? The ink and paper have been created thousands of years now. Because of that, we have the privilege to read and learn about them. We have learned about the ancient civilization with their technology, culture, and literature as well.

Whenever I write my poems and writings, I believe I'm writing not just for this generation but also the next generation. Imagine that your notebooks survived in another 50 years, they will read and learn about you. Imagine that it is your grandchildren or your great-grandchildren. You have left yourself a legacy and memories for them.

The Process of Masterpiece

My writing may not be a masterpiece to other people. However, I am proud of them. I have given my effort and time to it. You should be proud of your work too!

The process of your writing is something that you should savor. The hard time to decide on your theme, the struggle to find the opening words, the frustration when you need to cross out the whole line or paragraph, and the satisfaction when you complete them.

The Real On The Go

Everyone has their moments. The moments of inspiration, ideas and something worth sharing. Now, it is easy, just take out your smartphone and take a picture and send it to social media. That is how some people share it.

As for me, I have the picture inside my head. I am sharing them through my words. What I need the most at that time is my paper and pen, a notebook. Through pictures, you may see what I see. Through words, you may see and understand how I feel.

The Silliness And Lesson

Scrolling through the screen does not give me the same sensation. That feeling when you go through pages. You turn the pages on by one when you are looking or reading on something. The moment when you turn the pages just because you need a little breeze when you are hot or bored.

I did that a lot. Sometimes, I just go back to the first page, read them again and again. I saw strikes and crosses on the pages. I would laugh at myself for the miserable grammars and unbearable choice of words. It made me wonder what am I trying to say that time. It does give me plenty of lessons.

I do write on my smartphone sometimes, mostly when I don't have my notebook. However, I can be quite forgetful that I wrote something in my smartphone and I realized it days or weeks later. I rarely check them out. Again, this is individual preferences.

What about you? Do you keep a notebook? Or do you prefer to write things on your gadget? Do share your thoughts with me.


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