10 (wonderful) Things Why My Mom Is Awesome

10 (wonderful) Things Why My Mom Is Awesome

Unconventional is an understatement.

Aside from growing up without a father, what other stuff made us unconventional?

Oh yeah, my mom being one of the most amazing people in the planet. Sure mothers are all amazing as they are, then again my mom is brilliant in her own way.

Here are 10 things why my mom is awesome:

1. She is beautiful inside and out

My mom looks pretty but she can be even prettier when you look at her personality, perspective and attitude towards life. She was the one who taught us that looks don’t matter as much as attitude does. She taught us to be someone who isn’t interested with looks alone. She made us dig through the surface and find something more beautiful than just a mere face.

2. She respect emotions regardless of gender.

My brothers are all tough guys. They have these huge tattoos, big muscles and seriously unafraid of everything, but my mom taught them and me that it’s okay to cry when you feel like crying. It’s okay to laugh loudly when you’re happy. She made us embrace our emotions and taught us that it’s okay to feel.

3. She gives everything she could even if nothing is left for herself.

Most moms would be selfless when it comes to their children but I think, my mom is one of the rare ones who would literally give her children everything even if it means nothing will be left for herself. She is selfless and loving. She is not someone who would rant and complain that she has nothing for herself because her mindset is—as long as her children have what they need, it’s all good.

4. She is tough but kind-hearted.

She taught us to make sure we have a heart for everything but have our brains with it. She taught us that the heart and mind should work together and there should always be balance. She said that we need to be tough for the mean world but kind-hearted for the people in it. She taught us compassion without being so naïve.

5. She is filled with positivity.

When everything seems to be so crazy and sad, she could always always always find something good about it. She would always come up with a positive note even if the world is falling apart.

6. She trusts in God.

Although we are not a religious family, we all believe that there’s a God. My mom made sure we pray and trust in the Lord despite every struggle we continue to face day by day.

7. She taught us to love and respect ourselves.

Since we (my brothers, sister and I) are well loved and respected by mom, we learned to respect and love ourselves without people having to tell us how it works. This is where pride comes in, since we respect and love ourselves, we do not allow people to trample on our dignity as much as we do not trample theirs as well.

8. She never let our family down.

Not once did she give up on us even if it’s the only thing appealing to do. She struggled and suffered from a lot of things but not once did she think on giving up on us. She always have solutions for big and small problems. Personally, when I look back, I remember how it feels to kind of lose hope but just as I was about to breakdown and cry, mom appears with hope.

9. She trusts and believes in her children.

I guess I always knew that mom knows she raised her children well because she trusts us with our judgment, she believes in our capabilities when no one else would and she never restricted us nor told us what we need to do and when to do it. She let us live the lives we choose to live and let us learn in our own. She never said “no”, but always laid out suggestions. She let us make mistakes and welcomes us with arms wide open whenever we come back with a “failure” (that she might have foreseen). She doesn’t judge us—her children and never goes all “I told you so” in the end (although sometimes, she really does the "I told you so" minus the judgment)

10. She is always there and she truly listens.

My brothers, sister and I grew up without being treated as dumb kids. We were heard all the time and always had a say in things. From our own choice of clothing to the food we would eat, mom would ask us to decide. Our opinions are always welcome and never judged (no matter how stupid it was) because she believes what we think matters. Thus, we get to talk to her about a lot of things, from awkward stuff to serious things, we never hid anything from her and we trust her with secrets knowing that she would never judge us no matter what.


I could go on and on without stopping but I guess the only point here is, we were taught to be great people by someone who is really amazing. We may have been judged by a lot of people but we didn’t feel belittled because we believe that when mom believes us, we wouldn't even bother thinking about what others see in us. Whether they judge us ever so quickly and wait until we fail, we didn't care because we know that as long as mom has faith in us, the world can go F*** itself. Every strength that we have right now, came from someone who made sure we are equipped, tough and well-loved.

You represent courage, strength, pride and dignity. A few things every father would represent. In this special day for fathers, I am not sure if “hats off” would do justice on how you have been the greatest mom who morphed and stood like a father to your children. I am proud that you are both my mom and my dad. Happy Father’s day, Mom!

Published by Althea C.

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