Bullying in all forms, cyber bullying, bullying at school, all of these, are not healthy and hurtful!

Usually, people think that the geeks, nerds, silent kids, “dead” kids are the only ones who are bullied. Nope. That’s not the case.

In movies, there are taunting and a LOT of other bullying methods children do! They call you names, laugh at you, tease you, talk behind your back, spread rumors, give you trouble, turn everyone against you. Some even do it secretly while others do it for their own “great glory”.

In the Philippines, I was lucky enough to not be bullied. I have very little exposure to mean kids partly because I feel like everyone is really friendly. I didn’t feel isolated, I am happy with the group of friends I have, I joined a lot of extracurricular activities and I am one of my batch’s active students, so it’s either I really have a lot of friends or there aren’t any bullies to begin with.

For my sister, it’s a different story. You see, my sister is a pretty young lady. She is popular at her school for being one of the most beautiful (I hope I don’t sound like I am exaggerating this but this is a fact). Boys would have a crush on my sister and I think other girls get jealous because of this. My sister is an active athlete (before). She is a member of the school’s varsity team of track and field and boy is she a good runner. She also did well in her class. She wasn’t the shy type of person but she isn’t loud as well (well that’s what I think but idk for sure about now since she’s already in 9th grade). You would think she has everything and no person would start a fight or bully her, it’s not the case. She was bullied for all the reasons I just stated above. She was bullied for being a nice person, for doing great in class and in extracurricular activities. She was bullied and taunted several times via social media, via sms. She was bullied for being an “It Girl” for God’s sake. I didn’t find out immediately cause she never told me, she didn’t act differently and she continued going to class like nothing is happening.

One day, I was trying to fix my old blackberry phone when she suddenly asked me to look at the messages on her phone, there were tons of text messages from numbers unregistered on her phone. A lot of cursing and name calling. Blood went on top of my head and I feel like exploding. WHO THE HELL CALLS MY SISTER THAT!!! I was sooo damn furious. I went ahead and replied and asked why that person is texting my sister. I am so angry that I took a screenshot of everything, printed it and I went to her school and talked to her adviser. I was on the verge of tears. I was so mad. How dare these kids call my sister names and even taunt her and threat her to not go in the cafeteria for lunch because according to the bullies my sister will “see what she’s looking for”. I just felt so bad for my sister. She’s not one to start fights and she wouldn’t even bring herself to it. The bullying sorta stopped and the class adviser spoke to the girls who bullied my sister.

What I was so proud about is how my sister faced the bullying. She might have gotten hurt through words but she stood so brave and courageous. She didn’t let it affect her. She just lived her life away and didn’t mind what other people say about her. That’s really good.

Though my heart breaks for people who are bullied way too much, who are not strong willed or who can’t stand the abuse. Nobody deserves to be treated this way.

If you know people who are being bullied, be brave and stand up for them. Show them that they shouldn’t let themselves be treated that way. Show them someone is at their side. Be there for them when no one, not even their own selves is there for them.

Published by Althea C.


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