When To Let Go

When To Let Go

Jun 18, 2016, 2:15:44 AM Life and Styles

Ever been in a relentless battle of giving up and trying hard? Well, welcome to adulthood!
I am not saying that these things do not happen to young people, cause it does. It’s just that, it is in a whole new level once you reached adulthood. Because whether you like to hear it or not, once you are a proper adult, you have so little time. You don’t even have time to rest and enjoy life so why would you want to suffer from things which are not worth it at all. Why would you use your small free time on things that hurt you? Maybe it's time you let go.

1. Letting go of toxic people.
These people whom you may have known your entire life, people you are with most of the time, friends you swore you’d keep forever. But admit it, petty things can become big issues and before you know it, you’re stuck with people who make your life difficult. People who keep throwing negativity your way instead of encouraging and helping you up the ladder. You can still be the person they once knew but you must understand that you don’t need any more toxicity, any more negativity in your life. So know when to cut ties.
2. Letting go of that sh*t job.
Your boss is great, colleagues are nice people, you enjoy your work, you’re getting paid fairly. These are fantasy. You know the saying “you can’t have it all?”. This is a perfect example. Either you get paid really well but you don’t like what you’re doing or you love what you’re doing but the compensation is not enough to support your needs. Maybe your boss is nice but your colleagues are toxic people or your boss is giving you a sh*t time and your colleagues are the nicest of people in the planet. Whatever the reason is, you must know where you stand. Just make sure that when you choose to stay, your worth is seen. If you choose to go, find something where the workplace is a healthy environment that will make every hard work worthwhile.
3. Letting go of bad relationships.
You may been staying because you’ve been together for as long as you can remember. You might be staying because you have kids. There are a lot of factors that you are considering but you know love is not there. When love isn’t present, principle, respect and dignity is compromised. Learn to let go of that kind of relationship because the damage will just be bigger than you can imagine in the long run.

                Saying goodbye and letting go isn’t always sad and lonely. It’s also very significant to growth and strength. Imagine how strong you are when you choose to walk away from things that aren’t healthy in your life anymore?! I am not saying that you should give up right away, the moment you can’t get a grip anymore. No, not something like that. What I am saying is, when you have exhausted all your efforts, when you broke your own rules and yet you feel like sh*t? That’s the time to let go. Because letting go could be hard and uncomfortable at the beginning but trust me, your future self will thank you later. Once you breakaway from toxic things you’ve been fighting for all your life, you will realize the things that should matter. You will love yourself more and see your self-worth. You will appreciate yourself and other people who showed you and made you feel what genuine love and sincerity should be. Letting go is not easy, but sometimes learning when to let go is what you should do. 

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So very true!

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