Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars!

This months book of the month comes from award winning and best selling author John Green.  By now everyone has heard of The Fault In Our Stars, especially since the incredibly successful release of the movie in 2014, but how many people have read the book? You might be reading this and thinking “a lot!” and you are right but I know that there are still plenty of people who haven’t read the book, they’ve only seen the film, some of them have done neither, to those I say READ IT! It is so worth it and anybody who has read the book will agree with me.  

I loved the film, but everyone knows that 9 times out of 10 the book is usually better and this is no exception. As we all know there is a lot that gets cut from the books when making a film that is probably around 90 minutes long (like one of my favourite parts of the story) and that can’t be helped, but what we can do is read the book. For those of you who have been living under a rock and aren’t 100% sure what The Fault In Our Stars is about, I will try my best to give you a little idea of what to expect and hopefully persuade you to grab a copy and have a read.  

It’s the story of two young people with cancer meeting and creating a bond so special you instantly fall in love with them. Hazel Grace’s diagnosis is terminal and per her doctors suggestion and parents persuasion she goes to a cancer support group at her local church. One week, Augustus Waters comes along to support his friend Issac, there is an instant spark between the two and they fall in love.  The book takes you from picnics in the park and late night texting, all the way to Amsterdam, it puts you on an emotional rollercoaster of laughing out loud at Gus’s sex jokes and crying your heart out to Hazel’s emotional speech. You read about the struggles and thoughts that (in my opinion) are so spot on to that of many young cancer patients off the pages of a fictional story. You watch a relationship blossom and be tested by the side effects of life with cancer, not just between Hazel Grace and Gus but those around them also. 

I had the pleasure of reading this book and loving its characters before it was announced that they were turning it into a movie and I was so excited when they did. Like the movie it’s funny and witty, it makes you laugh, it makes you angry and it will most definitely make you cry! But that’s what makes it such a good read and that’s why it is still one of my favourite books and my book of the month for October, you don’t just sit and read words from a page. John Green’s writing makes you really feel things and connect with the characters in every single one of his books.  

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