Denim Appreciation


Denim Appreciation

Jul 6, 2016, 12:05:44 AM Life and Styles

Honestly, denim wasn't quite my type of fashion back then. I was younger to believe in the modern world; to live in the present (literally). I used to think it was too old school since many actors in old movies seem to wear it most of the time. However, things change. The way people dress, the way that denim has been a sense of fashion since forever. I've seen many people wear denim in different ways-tops, bottoms & cover-ups. In addition, I got inspired by many bloggers on how they rock their OOTDs with denims.

I've learned that denim goes with anything, everything. My most favorite part of wearing it is using it as a cover up. With that, I've figured different ways on how to wear your denim cover-up.

  "The Casual"

"The Casual" is the most basic way in wearing a denim cover-up. Well, obviously, this is how you wear it. Although, some people might be more creative than that.


Most bloggers use this way of wearing a denim cover-up. This is the trend, people.

"Shoulder Show-Off"

Another blogger-preferred way on how to slay a denim cover-up.

PS I'm not endorsing 8cuts. Whoops.

"Hold It Like A Bag"

When you're feeling preppy, this is the way to go.

Out West Fringe skirt from ShopCopper.

Photos taken by: Jamina Cruz

Published by Alyssa Cuerdo

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