Why Self Leveling Concrete is So Highly Desired

Self Leveling Concrete

Why Self Leveling Concrete is So Highly Desired

Aug 22, 2019, 3:43:46 PM Life and Styles

In the last few years, self leveling concrete has received a tremendous response in the construction sector due to its flexibility and superb adaptability. It is a type of polymer-modified cement that does not need water in large quantities to get solidified. A flat and smooth surface can be created by it with enormous compressive strength. These can hence be installed easily over ceramic tiles, wood, concrete, plywood, VCT or any other type of non-malleable surface.

If an existing concrete is broken, sunken or has uneven elevations, self leveling concrete can be the best possible option for such a surface. You must always try to hire an experience service provider to give you the best concrete level results.

Facts to Know:

We take a look here at this wonderful concrete option along with some aspects of how it is made and installed within an area:

1. Easy to Use

Anyone can use self leveling concrete as working with it is very easy. When the concrete is mixed with water, after a point its texture can resemble that of pancake batter so that it can easily move over the required area. The mixing should be carried out till a point where the smooth slurry is produced so that the concrete can work as desired. A brush or a broom can be used to spread it out.

2. Cleaned Surface Needed

Undoubtedly, self leveling concrete is one of the easiest and best options that are available for flooring in the market. You must know that before using, it must be ensured that the surface is clean and has been completely cured. Moreover, there should not be any loose materials or moisture on the surface. The whole concrete must be in the liquid form as in a single pass it can produce a thickness of 1/4th to 1.5 inches.

There should also be a gauging tool while working with this type of concrete. The tool can help spread the concrete evenly so that the required strength can be achieved.

3. Some Definite Advantages

Compared to traditional concrete, self leveling concrete has some distinct benefits that make it a proven choice. First of all, it is easy and quick to install and can be added before or after construction is complete. It can easily cover tile floors as well as plywood so that it can be used over many surfaces. Additionally, self leveling concrete is hypoallergenic and flood-proof so that users can always benefit from the surface.

4. The Additional Benefits

After applying this concrete, people can also add dyes, concrete stains and decorative overlays on top of it. In addition to these benefits, it can also be a superb choice for concrete countertops. Due to being fluidic, it is easily pourable and that can help in minimizing the installation time. This type of concrete countertop will also have a very low permeability with ample rigidness that can exactly be needed by a user. You can imagine how much lesser the load is for a person who is doing the leveling manually.

Moreover, the product bonds very well with limestone aggregates and that can be further helpful for a surface. Thus, in addition to better flexibility, self leveling concrete can also offer superb structural integrity and an improved saving on the cost. Therefore, homes and commercial establishments like the product very much and that is why there is an affinity for it. 

In recent times, there has been a marked shift in the construction sector towards using this type of concrete. It is because users can enjoy increased cost-saving and get a flooring option that can be most suitable for any use. Hence, it is a win-win situation for everyone and that is a reason for its increased usage in many places.

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