Advice on starting a lifestyle blog

Advice on starting a lifestyle blog

Jul 17, 2016, 9:21:41 PM Life and Styles

Hello Scandi readers.

Are you thinking about starting a lifestyle blogø? Then you might start reading this. I have been blogging on this blog for almost a year and a half. However I have been blogging on other blogs for three or four years.

1: What’s your motivation?

Why do you want to blog? Think about it for a moment. Of course, any blogger wants their blog to succeed, it’s only natural. However if you motivation is to become popular, earn a lot of money and get fancy things from collabs. Then you going to get disappointed. Blogging should always be a hobby and then it might evolve into something more than that overtime.

2: Blogging is a lifestyle.

Blogging is a lifestyle. I know you might be thinking “Wauw Amalie, what a bulls**t cliché answer!”. It is a cliché answer, but it’s true. Like I wrote in the intro to this post, I have been blogging for about three or four years, but I created The Scandi Girl a year and a half ago. There has been many times during those three or four years where I quitted blogging and then many months later, I came back to the blogging world. During those months of quitting, I kept coming up with ideas to posts and I often felt like I wanted to write a post. 

It’s a lifestyle in the sense that you never have a break from blogging. You will always think about ideas for post, take pictures you might use for posts, promotion, appearance on the blog etc. There is not a day where I don’t think about my blog. The Scandi Girl is a part of my lifestyle and it’s a part of me.

3: Which platform? In what language? What name? About what?

I have tries to blog on Blogger, WordPress and have my own url. For a new blog, I will highly recommend starting of at When you have a large among of readers then you can consider getting your own url. I like WordPress better than Blogger because WordPress is a bit more technical advance than Blogger. Once you have gotten used to the technical part of WordPress then it’s easier to use and overall better than Blogger. I’m not good at reviewing blog platforms, websites or other things that involve electronics or technique. Google it.

If you like me speak more than one language fluently, you’ll have to choose what language you’re going to be blogging in. I choose English since I would be able to reach more readers writing in English than I would in my native language.

The Scandi Girl was the first blog where I have been satisfied with everything, the name, and the contents. Everything. So when you’re trying to come up with a name, try to keep it simple and let it represent you in one way or another. For example, I’m a woman, and I’m a Scandinavian. The Scandinavian Woman sounds awful. The Scandi Girl sounds better. It’s easy to remember.
Be creative. Spend some days and try to come up with other names. Take your time.

What is it going to be about? Are you going to review films? Makeup? Fashion? Food? How about politics? I recommend only writing about few topics that are related. For example, I’m a lifestyle blogger, I write about lifestyle, food, travel, clothes, girly stuff and beauty. However I’m also very interested in politics, but I made a decision from the beginning that I’m not going to involve politics in my blog. That would make the blog “messy”, if that make sense. Choose a category and stick to it.
It’s important you don’t write about something you don’t think is interesting. The readers can sense that. Write about things that interest you. It will make it easier to promote if you have a passion for it.

4: Promotion.

During the first year of blogging, I didn’t care much about promotion. Now I’m more serious about promotion. Promotion is a big part of blogging and it is more than writing “New blogpost is up at this website, check it out” on twitter when you publish a post.

Once you have found a name, you need a slogan. It can be anything and it doesn’t have to make sense. Communitychannel use “Your mum rates me” and “Even my cat doesn’t like me”, the vlogger Bubzvlogz use “Little doses of happiness”. I use “Your Scandi friend” and I have started to use “… Scandi readers” in the beginning of the post.

Then we come to social media. Like I wrote “New blogpost is up at this website, check it out” isn’t enough. You need to be active on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or other sites even when you haven’t published anything. I hated promotion in the beginning. But it’s something you get used to. It’s important you stay honest and real. If you not an anonymous writer then you are not just promoting the blog, you are in a way promoting yourself. You are the face of the blog. Stay true to who you are and be honest about who you are.

And honesty brings me to the next thing.

5: Credibility.

Credibility is everything! Imagine you are following a blogger who recommended produces, you trusted the blogger and then after a few years, the blogger reveals that (s)he has been lying. But from now on the blogger want to be honest. Then the next time the blogger recommend something would you believe the blogger is telling the truth? How would you know if it’s the truth or a lie? Stay honest. Once your credibility is ruined, it’s ruined forever.

6: Be aware of your boundaries.

How much of yourself do you want to share with the internet? Are you okay with the internet knowing everything? Or do you like privacy?

I’m one of those bloggers who likes to have some privacy. I guess it’s a Scandi thing. Scandinavians are very protective of their private lives. I share a lot of private things. Things I wouldn’t share with people who I have just met. But I have a boundary.
The bedroom is the most intimate part of a house. So metaphorically speaking, I don’t want to show the either internet my bedroom down to the smallest detail. But I’m okay with showing it quickly and then close the door and show the other rooms of the house.

Find your boundaries. How about your friends and family? Do they want to be a part of it or not? Respect their wishes. My family doesn’t want to be a part of my blog. I’m not going to share pictures of them and I will write very little about them.

These are some of my advice. Somethings you should think about before starting a lifestyle blog. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Your Scandi friend.

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