Holiday in Norway.

Holiday in Norway.

Jun 21, 2016, 2:56:02 AM Life and Styles

I think this is going to be one of very few travel blogs I’m going to make about Norway. I’m travelling to Norway quite often.  


I looove Oslo. It’s such a great city. I don’t understand why some people call Oslo boring.


Oslo Opera house.

If you want a good view over Oslo. Take a walk on the Opera house.

The Opera House opened in 2008. Since Sydney Opera House opened back in the 1970’s it has been an inspiration to many other Opera Houses around the world. Many Opera Houses has since been built at open spaces in waterfront location. An example of this is Copenhagen Opera House. Oslo Opera House follow the same trend, but it stands out in that the open space is located on the roof of the Opera House.


Fram and Kon Tiki museum.

I went to the Kon Tiki and Fram museums three years ago. Let’s start with the Kon Tiki museum.

Have you heard about a man named Thor Heyerdahl? He was a Norwegian adventurer and ethnographer. He believed that Polynesia was settled from the east, not the west. After WW2 he wrote a thesis about his theory. People laughed at his theory, so he decided to prove that he was right by sailing from Peru to Tuamotus on a raft. The raft was named Kon Tiki.

During this expedition, Thor Heyerdahl made a documentary and it won an Oscar. After the first to Polynesia, Thor Heyerdahl went on three other expedition.

Kon Tiki museum is about these expeditions and the museum have copies (I think) of the rafts.


Fram is a ship that was used in expeditions to Arctic and Antarctic between 1893-1912. Fridtjof Nansen wanted to explore the Arctic further north than anyone else. He needed a ship that didn’t crush because of the pressure of the ice. So he designed Fram. Unlike other ships Fram was pushed up from the ice, so it would “float” on the ice.

From 1912 to late 1920’s Fram was left to decay in storage. In 1935, she was installed in the Fram museum, and she is still there today.


Akershus Castle.

I have yet to visit Akershus Castle. But I do know something about the castle. Akershus was the home of Margarete the first of Denmark. She was married of to Håkon the 6th. They had one son Olav. First, died Håkon and then died Olav, and then inherited Margarete  both Denmark, Sweden and Norway. She also founded the Kalmar Union.

Colosseum Kino.

Colosseum Kino was built in 1928. Back then and many years ahead was Colosseum Kino the largest cinema in the northern Europe. Today the cinema is the largest THX cinema in the world.

Heddal stave church

This church is the largest stave church in Norway and it was constructed in the beginning of the 13th century.

Gaustatoppen and Rjukan

Gaustatoppen lies on the mountain named Gausta. Gaustatoppen is the highest point in Norway.

At the edge of Gausta lies a town called Rjukan.

Rjukan was established between 1905 and 1916. It was established because Norsk Hydro started their fertilizer production in Rjukan. Rjukan was chosen because of Rjukan fall just outside the town.  The fall provided a large amount of electricity.

During WW2 Norsk Hydro produced heavy water. Something Hitler’s scientist needed for their research in making a nuclear bomb. Heavy water was the reason why Norway and Denmark was invaded. Hydro refused to sell heavy water to the Nazis. Then the Nazis decide to invade Norway and Denmark on their way to Norway. Rjukan was important for the allies when it came to sabotage.

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